Start Your Day At Papa’s Diner

grand slam breakfast
No matter where you go, there’s always that one restaurant that people rave about. In Queensbury, New York, it’s Papa’s Diner. With a huge menu, you’ll have no problem finding something you like. What makes this restaurant even better is that it’s open seven days a week from 7:00 a.m.... [read more]

Get These Desserts Ready For The Holidays

American classic cake with pecans and maple syrup.
Every year, millions of people look forward to all the delicious food served on Thanksgiving. That includes ham or turkey, tons of side dishes, and soups and salads. However, dessert is the one thing on the table that everyone looks forward to the most. For your hosted feast, you can’t... [read more]

Limber Up For the Annual Glens Falls Gobble Wobble

People running in the autumn race
Especially in the fall, it’s easy to find a lot of things to do. If you live in Queensbury, New York, or you plan to visit Thursday, Nov. 24, you can participate in the Glens Falls walk/run event. This is a great way to spend quality time outdoors. You can... [read more]

Why Is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

Closeup of hand driver man checking adjusting air from conditioning the cooling system with flow of cold air in car.
As the cool fall temperatures become colder in the winter, you want a car heater that works. However, that’s not always the case. A heater that only blows cold air means that something’s wrong. Sometimes, there’s an easy solution. If not, you might need to have an expert perform a... [read more]

How To Handle Halloween Leftovers

Colorful trail mix in a white bowl with spoon
With Halloween just around the corner, you know what that means. First, take your kids trick-or-treating. Second, buy enough candy for all the ghosts and princesses that show up at your door. Combined, there’s one thing you can expect, leftover Halloween candy. Rather than toss it out, here are some... [read more]

Save Your Pumpkin Seeds These Treats

Toasted, seeds, bowl, food
Most people who carve pumpkins throw the seeds away. However, there’s a better option. Save them so that you can make delicious sweet and savory treats. Not only are they delicious but also healthy. Even better, this is something that both adults and kids love to snack on. They’re also... [read more]

Mark Your Calendar For The 29th Annual Goblin Gallop

Halloween footrace
There’s something special about the fall season. Not only does it get cooler and leaves change colors, but it’s also the time of year for Halloween. However, there’s another reason to love fall. If you enjoy 5K runs and walks, you’ll have no problem finding several where you live. A... [read more]

Upgrade Your Pumpkin Carving With These Pro Tips

Happy family preparing for Halloween. Grandmother and granddaughter carving pumpkins at home.
Have you ever wanted to carve a pumpkin that looks like the professionally carved ones you see online? Well, you can. These professional tips will help you accomplish that goal. When finished, your pumpkin will look so incredible that people may not believe you carved it. You Don’t Need Fancy Tools You... [read more]

Warm Up With These Soup Recipes

cauliflower potato soup puree on stone background,Creamy cauliflower soup with toasted bread croutons.Vegetarian healthy food concept. Ideas and recipes for winter meal.
As you know, with fall comes cooler temperatures. Along with bundling up in warm clothes, consider making homemade soup. Although you can choose from endless recipes, these three are among the most popular. Not only will they ward off the chill in the air, but they’re also delicious. One Pot Chicken... [read more]

Embrace The Fall Chill With These Coffee Drinks

Woman drinking Coffee in the morning
Envision sitting on a porch this fall with a delicious cup of coffee in hand. With crisp, cool air, coffee makes a perfect beverage. However, this fall, why not try something new? You can still enjoy java but with enhanced flavor. With these recipes, you’ll wish that fall lasted all... [read more]