Preparing To Trade-In? Get Your Old Car Ready To Go

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Perhaps you feel embarrassed every time you drive your old car, or maybe you’re done forking out money for repairs. If you drive something that’s seen better days, now’s the time to trade in your old car. However, to get the most out of the deal, you’ll need to do two things.

Important Trade-in Steps

First, choose a reputable dealership. You should find one that has outstanding customer service, competitive prices, and a great selection of new vehicles.

Second, you need to make sure your old car’s in the best condition possible. That doesn’t mean spending a lot of money but making it as presentable as possible. That way, you’ll get better value.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Trade-in

After finding a trusted dealership, the next step has to do with preparing your auto to trade it in. That entails several things, including those listed below.

Know Your Car’s Worth

A respected dealership will offer you the highest price for your old car. However, you should still research its current value. For one thing, that’ll make you feel more confident with the transaction. For another, leading dealerships respect customers who make transactions based on knowledge.

Create a Budget

It’s easy to become overly excited when buying a new vehicle. While that’s fine, you still need to be realistic. By creating a budget, you’ll know how much you can comfortably afford each month in payments. In addition, it’ll keep you focused on the right automobiles rather than looking at those that don’t match your income.

Clean Your Old Car Inside and Out

Regardless of the age of your car or even how it looks, it’s worth spending time sprucing it up. For example, washing and waxing the outside will improve its appearance. You’ll also find that a clean interior will go a long way in getting the trade-in you want. So, eliminate all trash, vacuum, and wipe down everything inside.

Fix Small Problems

Instead of having a mechanic make repairs, fix the issues that you can handle. That includes replacing a broken windshield wiper, putting in a new dome light if it’s not working, and so on. Moreover, check all the fluid levels, and if low, fill them.

Take Extras to the Dealership

If you have two sets of keys for your old car, take them with you when visiting a dealership. Also, if you upgraded the stereo equipment, don’t take it out. After all, any additions will help with the trade-in value.

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Gather All Applicable Documentation

Bring the car manual and documents showing the service history and receipts for any work done to the vehicle. You’ll need these when you’re at the dealership.

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