Beat The Winter Blues At Blue Thirty-Two

Traditional steak and mashed potatoes with blanched asparagus

With cold temperatures, strong wind gusts, and limited sunlight, it’s no wonder why people struggle with the winter blues. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up and you live in or near Queensbury, New York, here’s a great solution. Head to Blue Thirty-Two for a fabulous meal and a welcoming environment.

What’s Blue Thirty-Two?

Blue Thirty-Two is an amazing restaurant known for its incredible menu items, hospitality, and outstanding service. Not only does it cater to locals and out-of-town guests, but it also accommodates groups for special events. Everyone who eats at this charming restaurant raves about the fresh dishes and friendly staff.

What’s On the Menu?

One look at the menu, and you’ll understand why dining at Blue Thirty-Two helps people overcome the winter blues. Here are just a few of the chef’s creations that you’ll find on the menu.


Before the actual meal, you and any guest can enjoy a delicious starter, including:

  • Fried Mozzarella Sticks served with Mariana Melba
  • Blue’s Fondue, which consists of shrimp, cheese fondue, and tortilla chips
  • Thirty-Two Fries – Instead of ordinary fries, your server will bring you a plate of house fries, cheddar queso, crispy prosciutto, and fresh scallions.
  • Saratoga Blues – This consists of flash-fried house potato chips, blue cheese alfredo, and crispy prosciutto.

An Unforgettable Dinner

If the starters made you feel better, prepare to feel fantastic after looking at the dinner menu. The following are just some of the dishes available:

  • Lake Shore Duo – What’s not to love about haddock and shrimp perfectly seasoned with Cajun spices? However, this also comes with a cream sauce and diced tomatoes.
  • Lemmon Pepper Chicken and Shrimp – Not only will you enjoy the crusted and sauteed chicken but also the grilled shrimp, linguini, and dill caper cream sauce.
  • Filet Mignon – If you need a steak to shake the winter blues, this is the place to go. The chef prepares a thick and juicy six-ounce filet mignon steak with blue cheese and a horseradish crust.
  • Saratoga Blues – This consists of flash-fried house potato chips, blue cheese alfredo, and crispy prosciutto.

Blue Thirty-Two Offers So Much More

In addition to starters and entrees, you’ll discover more incredible menu items at Blue Thirty-Two. It serves fresh salads, all types of burgers and sandwiches, wings, and a choice of three yummy sauces. However, that’s not all. There’s also a variety of pasty dishes and even a special kid’s menu.

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Take Control

Instead of letting winter bring you down, head to Blue Thirty-Two in Lake George, New York. As a bonus, you’ll have a fantastic view of the water. Considering this restaurant excels in excellent food, service, and atmosphere, it makes sense why it’s become a hot spot.

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