Lace Up Your Skates And Hit The Rink

People ice skating on the ice rink in winter
You don’t need the skill of Peggy Fleming or Johnny Weir to enjoy ice skating. Whether you skate often, haven’t skated in years, or it’s your first time, Glens Falls has some amazing rinks. Simply show up and have fun. Located close to Queensbury, New York, you can choose from... [read more]

Beat The Chill With These Hot Drinks

Mexican hot chocolate
If you’re like most people, you dread cold winters as outside temperatures drop. Even if you dress in layers, once you’re chilled, it’s hard to warm up. Well, any one of these three hot drinks will do the trick. Not only that, but these beverages are delicious. Italian Coffee You’ll love this... [read more]

Take A Swing At Adirondack Axe

Young men at the axe throwing game room
Have you ever seen photos of your friends having fun throwing axes? If so, you can do the same thing by visiting Adirondack Axe in Queensbury, New York. It’s legal, safe, and a blast. So, get together with family members or friends and try something different. Two Fantastic Options Adirondack Axe gives... [read more]

Make The Most Of Limited Daylight

Healthy buddha bowl lunch with grilled chicken, quinoa, spinach, avocado, brussels sprouts, broccoli, red beans with sesame seeds on dark gray background. Top view.
With daylight savings, it gets darker outside earlier. Although there are still 24 hours in the day, you don’t get to enjoy the sun for as long. Here’s some good news. You can make the most out of limited daylight hours with these helpful tips. Changes Worth Making Even though these require... [read more]

Your Car’s Stuck In Snow. Now What?

Photo of a Man Pushing Broken and Frozen Car, Stuck in the Snow. Winter, People, and Car Problem Concept.
In New York, it typically snows a lot. For that reason, drivers often struggle on the roads. Regardless of what you drive, you should know what to do if you get stuck in the snow. To reduce the risk, have your car checked before the next heavy snowfall. Brutal Winters Along with... [read more]

How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

New year resolutions 2023 on desk. 2023 resolutions list with notebook, coffee cup on table. Goals, resolutions, plan, action, checklist concept.
If you’re one of the millions of people who make a list of New Year’s resolutions but don’t keep them, here’s some good news. These helpful tips will make it easier for you to meet your goals. By the end of 2023, you’ll feel proud of your accomplishments. Come Up with... [read more]

How To Celebrate New Year’s While Staying In

Family dancing and celebrating New Year's Eve outdoors
Sure, it’s fun to get all dressed up to celebrate New Year’s at a favorite restaurant or club. However, it’s just as fun to stay home. It only requires a little bit of planning. If you need a break from the traditional hustle and bustle of ringing in the New... [read more]

Don’t Throw Out That Wrapping Paper

Empty gift wrapping under the tree on Christmas morning. A plate of cookie crumbs and an empty milk glass after a night visit from Santa Claus. Santa delivered gifts under the Christmas tree.
Like a lot of other people, you probably set a large garbage bag in the family room for all the wrapping paper that your family rips off presents. This year, do something different. Save the wrapping paper so that you can use it for a variety of other projects. Here... [read more]

Upgrade Your Gift Wrapping With The Perfect Bow

The girl wraps Christmas gifts.
There’s always that one family member or friend who wraps Christmas presents to perfection. Instead of feeling embarrassed by your wrapping skills, learn how you can make gifts look just as gorgeous. All you need is the right paper or bag, as well as a stunning bow. A Beautiful Touch In addition... [read more]

Don’t Sweat Last-Minute Shopping With These Tips

Like millions of other people, you’ve probably made the same promise about Christmas shopping for the past 10 years. So, what is it? That you’ll get presents bought early so that you don’t get stressed. In theory, that sounds great, but it’s not as easy to accomplish as it sounds.... [read more]