Lace Up For Bowling At Kingpin’s Alley

Woman in club for bowling is throwing ball

Some things never go out of style. As a perfect example, people love to bowl. After all, it’s fun and a great way to get a little bit of exercise. Also, bowling is an activity that people of all ages can participate in. So, when looking for something to do, head to Kingpin’s Alley.

A Brief Introduction

It is located in South Glens Falls, NY, a short drive from Queensbury. As a family-owned and operated business, everyone receives star treatment. The owners worked hard to ensure that everyone had a great time. You can enjoy bowling for fun or competition and spend time in the arcade.

Escape Rooms

Beyond bowling and playing arcade games, you’ll discover other fun things to do at Kingpin’s Alley. For instance, it features escape rooms. That’s an exciting adventure you can enjoy with friends or family.

You can choose the 15-minute Escape Racer or the 60-minute Haunted Mansion experience.

  • 15-Minute Escape Racer – You must think and make good decisions quickly. Because this is the shorter of the two options, you don’t need to make reservations. Instead, show up and pay $15 a person.
  • 60-Minute Haunted Mansion – For the ultimate adventure, you should consider this. It includes exploring a creepy old house that’s haunted. While there, you’ll search for secrets, find old artifacts, and prove the spirit world exists, all before the clock strikes midnight. Again, you don’t need a reservation. The 60-minute option costs $25 per person.


As a family-friendly fun center, the owners have games for guests of all ages. Recently, they added Axe Master and King Kong of Skull Island. However, they update games often to ensure that no one becomes bored. The arcade buzzes with sound and lights, making it an exciting place to visit.

Laneside Grill

When you feel hungry, you can order something from the Kingpin’s Alley Laneside Grill. Options include burgers, chicken tenders, French fries, chicken wings, pizza, and more. Along with a nice menu selection for food, the grill also serves an assortment of beverages. No matter what you order, it’ll taste delicious.

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Not a Typical Bowling Alley

The minute you walk into Kingpin’s Alley, you’ll realize it’s not an ordinary bowling alley. Instead, it’s a complete fun center loaded with opportunities. You’ll have so much fun that the time spent there will fly. If you take your kids, they’ll want to go again.

In addition, Kingpin’s Alley is the ideal place for parties. After all, it offers special packages for all kinds of events. So, if you’re planning a birthday party, it’s a perfect choice. Moreover, this is a great place to hold a team-building event for your company. It’s also an excellent choice if you want to hang out with a group of friends.

You’ll find several available specials. Along with daily bowling, it offers discounts for galactic bowling. Whether you’re looking to do something fun on the weekend or when the kids aren’t in school, Kingpin’s Alley can accommodate you.

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