Is Your Cabin Air Filter Ready For Pollen Season?

Dirty cabin pollen air filter for a car

Almost every year, automakers change or upgrade their vehicles. As a perfect example, in 2000, they began to include air filters inside the cabin. Not only does it help keep pollen from seeping inside, but also bugs, leaves, and other debris. However, if you drive an older model car, there’s a good chance you can have a filter installed. For that, talk to the experts at the DELLA Auto Group in Queensbury, NY.

What’s an Air Filter

To start with, the air filter in the cabin isn’t the same air filter under the hood. The one inside helps maintain good air quality. Especially if you suffer from allergies, you’ll appreciate it when the pollen count skyrockets in the spring. However, the same filter improves air quality all year round.

This filter prevents pollutants from reaching a car’s interior. Whether the air comes from the ventilation system, heater, or air conditioning, it traps tiny molecules. Although it’s ideal for allergy sufferers, it also benefits anyone with a respiratory problem. In addition, it eliminates unpleasant odors associated with dirt, dust, and pollen.

When to Change a Cabin Air Filter

The key to keeping the air in your car fresh and healthy is changing the filter based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Typically, all automakers suggest replacing the cabin air filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. However, you’ll want to change it more often under certain circumstances.

For example, if you frequently drive on unpaved surfaces or are in a desert climate, you’ll want to change it frequently. In both scenarios, the filter traps more dust than usual. For that reason, it can become clogged and, therefore, ineffective.

The same applies to city driving. By commonly driving in heavy traffic, the filter works hard to prevent exhaust fumes from reaching inside your car.

Signs You Need a New Cabin Filter

The best thing is to look at your car owner’s manual. Then consider the environments that you drive in the most often. You should also pay attention to telltale signs that your car needs a new cabin filter. Here are a few of those.

  • Persistent Unpleasant Odor – You’ve cleaned the interior of your vehicle several times but can’t eliminate an unpleasant odor. Often, it’s a dusty or moldy smell.
  • Reduced Airflow – Even with the fan for the heater or air conditioner on high, little air comes through the vents. In that case, the cabin filter is likely clogged.

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Turn to an Expert for Assistance

Sometimes, people can replace the cabin filter without professional assistance. However, if you need help, a technician at the DELLA Auto Group in Queensbury, New York, will gladly install a new one. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about foul odors or pollen. As a rule of thumb, check the filter every time you take your car in for scheduled maintenance.

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