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Your Car’s Stuck In Snow. Now What?

Photo of a Man Pushing Broken and Frozen Car, Stuck in the Snow. Winter, People, and Car Problem Concept.
In New York, it typically snows a lot. For that reason, drivers often struggle on the roads. Regardless of what you drive, you should know what to do if you get stuck in the snow. To reduce the risk, have your car checked before the next heavy snowfall. Brutal Winters Along with... [read more]

How To Warm Up Your Car On Chilly Days

Holding a cup of a drink while waiting for car to warm up
Did you know there’s a right and wrong way to warm your car up when it’s cold outside? There is, and with this information, you’ll know what to do. In addition, make sure you get your car serviced for the winter by visiting the Della Auto Group in Queensbury, New... [read more]

Why Is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

Closeup of hand driver man checking adjusting air from conditioning the cooling system with flow of cold air in car.
As the cool fall temperatures become colder in the winter, you want a car heater that works. However, that’s not always the case. A heater that only blows cold air means that something’s wrong. Sometimes, there’s an easy solution. If not, you might need to have an expert perform a... [read more]

Don’t Go Too Long Without Taking Your Car For A Drive

close up of bearded man putting seat belt on
By not putting a lot of miles on your vehicle, it’ll last longer and there’s a good chance you’ll pay less for insurance. At the same time, you don’t want to wait a long time without driving it. It’s important to take your vehicle for a spin instead of letting... [read more]

How Often Should You Change Your Wiper Blades?

Close shot of a wet windscreen wiper blade wipping a car's window with a blue sky with clouds on the background
  Bad weather can happen at any time. And when it does, your windshield wiper blades suddenly become essential parts of your car. But if they aren’t in good condition, you could find driving safely challenging. In addition, your wiper blades can help you clean a dirty windshield and remove condensation... [read more]

What Your “Check Engine” Light Is Telling You

Engine failure symbol lights up in the dashboard of the car
There are few things more frustrating than dealing with car problems. For example, breakdowns and mechanical failures can leave you stranded. You could face inconveniences or even dangers on the road. Fortunately, a little light in your vehicle can warn you of problems. The “Check Engine” light indicates when your... [read more]

What To Do When Running On Empty

Car fueling at gas station
If you’re like many people in Queensbury, NY, you’ve experienced running low on gas in your vehicle. Perhaps you have even run out before. While there is no magic trick to keeping your car going in these cases, there are some strategies to use. It’s possible to get to a... [read more]

Prepare Your Vehicle For Trade In With These Simple Tips

If you are on the market for a new vehicle, then it's safe to assume that you intend to trade in your current vehicle. Trading in your vehicle is a smart idea and a relatively simple process. All that you have to do is ensure that your trade-in vehicle is... [read more]

Student Driver – What To Look For In Vehicles For New Drivers

Mother and daughter embracing buying a car in a car dealership
Kids grow up too fast! One day you are helping them take their first steps, then the next you are dropping them off at kindergarten. Before you know it, they are starting high school, going on their first date, and of course, learning how to drive. When the time comes... [read more]

Keep Your Car Clean With These Cleaning Hacks

Are you on the hunt for car cleaning tips that don't involve spending loads of money on detailing? If so, you have come to the right place. Della Automotive Group has cobbled together a variety of car cleaning hacks that ensure your car remains looking new at an affordable price.... [read more]