Your Car’s Stuck In Snow. Now What?

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In New York, it typically snows a lot. For that reason, drivers often struggle on the roads. Regardless of what you drive, you should know what to do if you get stuck in the snow. To reduce the risk, have your car checked before the next heavy snowfall.

Brutal Winters

Along with frigid temperatures, snowfall is common throughout New York. That’s why you need to prepare your car just in case something happens. Especially when it comes to getting stuck, these tips will help you out of a bad situation.

Remove Snow from Around the Tires

For starters, always carry a snow shovel in your car. That way, if it becomes stuck in the snow, you have an excellent tool to work with. Using the shovel, remove as much snow around all four tires. In addition, remove any snow from both the front and back of the vehicle. The goal is to clear a path to make it easier for the tires to gain traction.

Rock the Vehicle

This means you want to switch gears, going from drive to reverse, to create a rocking motion. Usually, this will dislodge some of the snow that accumulated around the tires. Try this several times before moving on to a different solution. Keep in mind that you want to do this slowly and gently to avoid damaging the transmission.

Help Give the Tires Traction

When stuck in the snow, the tires just spin without gaining traction. So, you’ll need to give them a little help. One option is to also keep a container of cat litter or sand in your car. That way, you can spread some in the front and back of the tires. In addition, salt, dirt, sandbags, and even fallen limbs often work.

Never Floor the Gas

While that might seem like a logical way to move your car, it’ll only make the situation worse. Instead, you want to press lightly on the gas pedal as you start the rocking motion. Especially if you’re stuck in deep snow, spinning tires will dig in deeper.

Roadside Assistance

Before heavy snow begins to fall in Queensbury, check your insurance policy to see if you have roadside assistance. If not, you might consider having it added. That way, you can make a simple phone call for a tow truck to get your car unstuck.

Ask Other People for Help

If your car’s stuck not far from a home or business, see if someone can help move it. As part of your vehicle emergency kit, include a good pair of snow boots. After all, if you’re stuck, you may need to walk a little before you come across someone that can assist.

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Remain Calm

Often, drivers panic in this type of situation. However, that doesn’t accomplish anything. So, if your car becomes stuck in the snow, take a deep breath and stay calm. Go down the list of things to try. If nothing works, you can then call 911. In addition, you can contact the Della Auto Group in Queensbury, New York, for a tow.


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