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Don’t Let Tree Sap Ruin Your Paint

Don’t Let Tree Sap Ruin Your Paint
It’s important to keep your car looking nice. For example, maintaining the paint job will keep the car attractive. Plus, this can prevent rust, corrosion, and other body problems. The elements such as wind and rain can harm paint. Moreover, dirt and other debris can scratch a nice paint job.... [read more]

Your Car’s Stuck In Snow. Now What?

Photo of a Man Pushing Broken and Frozen Car, Stuck in the Snow. Winter, People, and Car Problem Concept.
In New York, it typically snows a lot. For that reason, drivers often struggle on the roads. Regardless of what you drive, you should know what to do if you get stuck in the snow. To reduce the risk, have your car checked before the next heavy snowfall. Brutal Winters Along with... [read more]

4 Ways To Care For Your Vehicle This Spring

Windshield wiper in rain
Summer is almost here, which means our sinuses will finally get a break from the brutal pollen, school is letting out, and of course, your car needs some TLC. Although, there are several spring days left to enjoy. If you are unsure where to start with caring for your ride... [read more]

Here Are Some Benefits Of Getting A Regular Oil Change

Check the oil in Car Engine
Regular car maintenance is vital for ensuring your engine runs at its best. But because of our packed schedules, it can be tough to keep up with our oil change appointments. And if you don't get your oil changed every few months, there's a chance your engine could start to... [read more]

6 Reasons It’s Time For An Oil Change

Check the oil in Car Engine
An oil change is one of the quickest and most affordable services to set your vehicle up for success. Not only does your car drive better when equipped with fresh oil, but the lubrication also protects your engine, which is a far more expensive repair than an oil change. While... [read more]