6 Reasons It’s Time For An Oil Change

Check the oil in Car Engine

An oil change is one of the quickest and most affordable services to set your vehicle up for success. Not only does your car drive better when equipped with fresh oil, but the lubrication also protects your engine, which is a far more expensive repair than an oil change. While many drivers use their mileage to decipher when it’s time for their next oil change service, there are six signs your vehicle is thirsty for a fresh drink of oil.

Check Engine Light

You cranked your car, and the check engine light or oil change light lit up. If your vehicle detects there is not an optimum level of oil, the light will alert you. If that’s the case, head over to a trusted service center for a quick oil change before it leads to more serious damage.

Knock, Knock

Is there a sound coming from under your hood? The lubrication from oil works as a protective layer, and when the oil runs out, the parts can rub together. If you hear a rumbling or thumping noise, it could mean your engine is tearing apart from lack of oil.

The Color of the Oil

Take matters into your own hands by checking your oil for yourself. The color and texture of the oil is a significant indicator of whether or not it’s time for an oil change. Good oil should be amber in color and slightly translucent, while old oil is usually dark in color and dirty.

Do You Smell That?

Does your vehicle wreak of oil? That is a sign of a leak, so don’t let it ride. It’s time to take your car in!

The Sight of Exhaust

It’s normal for vapor to travel out of your vehicle’s pipeline, but it’s no good if it turns into smoke. This is a sign of a damaged engine, which could be a result of not keeping up with oil changes.

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Road Trip Master

Summer has passed, which means you took your well-earned vacation time and hopped in the car for a road trip. Typically, vehicles require an oil change service every six months or 6,000 miles, but the best way to know for sure is by checking your manufacturer’s owner’s manual. Excessive driving may call for an oil change sooner than you think!

Does it sound like it’s time for an oil change? Head over to Della Auto Group for quick and affordable vehicle maintenance.

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