Don’t Let Tree Sap Ruin Your Paint

Don’t Let Tree Sap Ruin Your Paint

It’s important to keep your car looking nice. For example, maintaining the paint job will keep the car attractive. Plus, this can prevent rust, corrosion, and other body problems. The elements such as wind and rain can harm paint. Moreover, dirt and other debris can scratch a nice paint job. But as your car is parked for any extended time, one thing can be as problematic as all the others: tree sap. If you have noticed tree sap starting to affect the paint of your vehicle, never fear. With some simple tricks and tips, you can keep these issues to a minimum or even avoid them completely.

Get the Right Materials

Getting off tree sap doesn’t require as many products as you might think. For instance, with five items, you can give your car a good chance against sap. You’ll just need the following: car soap, disposable heavy-duty shop towel, rubbing alcohol, Swarfega hand cleaner, and water.

Put on the Hand Cleaner

Swarfega hand cleaner is an effective tool against tree sap. Firstly, find where the sap has hit the vehicle. You will then want to cover each area of tree sap with a thin layer of Swarfega hand cleaner. Next, run the cleaner into the sap. You should do this with your finger so that you can ensure it is making complete contact. Lastly, let the cleaner sit on the sap for at least an hour. This will make the sap soft.

Rub It Clean

You will then take the shop towel and rub down the areas you treated with the Swarfega hand cleaner. After you have done this a few times on each spot, inspect your work. By this time, it shouldn’t be difficult to remove the sap. Moreover, you shouldn’t rub too hard, as this can damage the vehicle’s clear coat. If necessary, put on more Swarfega hand cleaner. This might come in handy if there are especially difficult areas.

Turn to Rubbing Alcohol

Next, as you move along, take another shop towel and wet it with rubbing alcohol. If any sap remains on the car after applying the hand cleaner, treat them with rubbing alcohol. Wipe each area until you don’t see any more tree sap on the car.

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One Last Wipe-Down

Finally, get a shop towel wet with water. Look over the vehicle for any spots that you treated. Wipe these with the wet towel. Lastly, it would be a good idea to wash the entire car at this point.

Tree sap doesn’t have to spell doom for the paint job on your vehicle. It might be hard to avoid having it get on your car. However, if this happens, these steps can remove it. Use them today if you have tree sap on your vehicle. For other car maintenance needs, bring your vehicle to the service team at DELLA Auto Group in Queensbury, NY. Stop by today.

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