10 Recipes For Teaching Kids To Cook

girl making cake in the kitchen with her grandma
Do you have a little one that has always loved "helping out" in the kitchen? Even if their help hasn't always been helpful, cooking with your kids is a wonderful bonding experience. As they get older, it should be a learning experience as well. If you've been searching for fun,... [read more]

Ways To Encourage Outdoor Play This Spring

Summer camp friends
Don't let the pollen ruin the warm weather! As spring arrives and the weather warms up, encourage your kiddos to put up the video games and hit the backyard with these tips. Invite their Friends Spending time outdoors should be a community activity. As we all know, kids feed off other kids,... [read more]

Plan An Adventure At The Lake George Escape Room

Group of friends trying to find solution of quest in escape room with antique furniture
Looking for something fun and adventurous to do this week. Schedule a breakout experience at Lake George Escape Room. The Lake George Escape Room allows you to experience the rush of being trapped in a room. You work as a pair or as a team to solve the mysteries of... [read more]

Shop Local At The Glens Falls Farmers’ Market

Farmer holds onions and tomatoes over the counter - sells fresh vegetables
Refill your pantry and stock your fridge with fresh, locally grown vegetables and homemade bread from the Glen Falls Farmers' Market. And grocery items aren't all you can get at the Farmer's Market. Check out some of the amazing goods and services you can find when you shop locally. Fresh Produce All... [read more]

Load Up On In-Season Veggies With These Spring Soup Recipes

vegetarian chickpea stew
Spring is underway, which means it's time to plant your garden so you can enjoy fresh produce. Once those veggies are ready to harvest, whip up these fresh soup recipes with in-season produce! Cheesy Cream of Asparagus Soup The color of this soup may make you turn up your nose, but don't... [read more]

Student Driver – What To Look For In Vehicles For New Drivers

Mother and daughter embracing buying a car in a car dealership
Kids grow up too fast! One day you are helping them take their first steps, then the next you are dropping them off at kindergarten. Before you know it, they are starting high school, going on their first date, and of course, learning how to drive. When the time comes... [read more]

Start Your Garden Early With These “Cool Season” Veggies

Young farmer with crate full of vegetables
If you've been thinking about starting a garden this year and you aren't quite sure what to grow, this guide to growing "cool-season" vegetables may help. What are Cool Season Vegetables? Cool-season vegetables can thrive during the cooler weeks at the very beginning of spring and fall. They're the first veggies you... [read more]

Finish Your Spring Cleaning In 30 Days With This Checklist

Woman holding cardboard donation box full with folded clothes.
“Where do I even begin?” is often the mindset everyone sinks in when spring rolls around and it's time to deep clean and organize. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a headache. Decluttering is often a soothing and calming task so that your space makes you feel Zen again. With... [read more]

3 Comfort Soups To Make Before Winter Ends

Preparing Creamy Tomato Soup
Spring is underway, which means the cozy soup season will be coming to a close. Before New York starts to warm up, be sure to make your favorite hot, comfort meals before it's just too toasty outdoors to enjoy. Fill your family's tummies with these tasty soups! Homestyle Slow Cooker Beef... [read more]

Plan A Space-Themed Fun Day With Your Kids

Little pretends to be an astronaut
Space, the final frontier. Or, the place where gummy bears are launched for your children's entertainment. Confused? Read on to learn more about The Candy Space and other ways you can build a space-themed day of fun for your kids. The Candy Space The Candy Space is a space-themed candy shop here... [read more]