How To Celebrate New Year’s While Staying In

Family dancing and celebrating New Year's Eve outdoors

Sure, it’s fun to get all dressed up to celebrate New Year’s at a favorite restaurant or club. However, it’s just as fun to stay home. It only requires a little bit of planning. If you need a break from the traditional hustle and bustle of ringing in the New Year, consider some of these great ideas.

A Family Affair

Usually, kids get left home with a grandparent or babysitter while the parents go out for New Year’s. For 2023, you can include the entire family. Some people think of this as a gathering for just the parents and children. However, others see it as an opportunity to invite the entire family over. That includes sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, etc. Either way, you’ll get to see the excitement on the kids’ faces as the clock strikes midnight.

A Small Group of Friends

If you don’t have children or you prefer to ring in the New Year with adult friends, that’s fine too. There are many incredible things to do. For instance, host a foreign food-tasting night. This is also the ideal time to pull out board games. You’ll all have a blast.

Shoot Off Fireworks

Fireworks aren’t only for the Fourth of July. If they’re permitted where you live, invite your neighbors outside to watch as the sky lights up. When buying fireworks, be sure to select several that explode in beautiful red and green colors.

Movie Night

Weather permitting, you could set up an outdoor theater. To watch movies, all you need is a projector and a white sheet strung between two trees. However, to ensure that everyone’s comfortable, place large pillows and blankets on the ground. Oh, and don’t forget food and beverages. Keep in mind that you can host a movie night for New Year’s indoors as well.

Connect with Someone Special

If your loved one is in a different city, state, or country on Dec. 31, start an internet chat. You can catch up on things, listen to music, and even watch a movie together. Whether you have a spouse serving in the military overseas or a child studying abroad, this is a fantastic way to celebrate New Year’s.

Dance the Night Away

Hosting a dance party is yet another great idea. After all, no one will bump into strangers on an overcrowded dance floor. Instead, they can let loose and have fun. If you have enough space in your house, get creative with the type of dance party you want to host.

Murder Mystery

If you’ve never experienced a murder mystery, you’re missing out. This type of event is fun, mysterious, and sometimes a little spooky. To pull it off, do a little research online.

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Scavenger Hunt

For New Year’s, you can also organize a scavenger hunt. Not only is this a great idea for kids but also adults. Try to think outside of the box as to the kinds of things everyone needs to gather. For instance, you could put a ball bearing, bone, and police officer’s signature on the list. Then, get ready to laugh when you see what everyone brings back.

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