Tips For Staying Warm This Winter

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Especially for people living on the east coast, winters are often brutal. However, according to current predictions, people can anticipate even colder temperatures this year. Regardless of where you live, it’s important to stay warm during the winter months. Not only for your comfort but also for your safety.

Warm Your Body Early

Turning the thermostat down while sleeping is a great way to spend less on heating your house. While this suggestion might sound a bit odd, it works. Place your robe and a thick pair of leggings under your pillow. Then, before you climb out of bed, put them on. You’ll slip into something toasty and warm, while the house heats up after resetting the thermostat to a more comfortable temperature.

Dress Quickly After Showering

This is another great way to get and stay warm on a cold winter day. Take a nice hot shower, followed by getting dressed. However, here’s the trick. You want to dry off and get dressed as fast as you can. The reason is that this helps trap your body heat.

Stay Cold Temporarily

While a lot of people find drying off after a shower and getting dressed quickly, others take a different approach. In this case, staying warm during the winter is about both psychology and your body’s physical reaction. Okay, so how does this work? It involves allowing your body to experience the cold for roughly five minutes.

Have you ever bundled up on a frigid day only to sweat as you move around? What happens is that once you begin to sweat, your body becomes cold. Instead, let your body feel the cold for a short period before you do anything physical. For some people, this is a perfect way to feel cozy when it’s freezing outside.

Layer Your Clothes

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. On winter days when the temperatures are incredibly low, be sure to layer your clothing. For instance, you could put on a tee shirt, turtleneck, sweater, or sweatshirt. You can also put leggings on under your pants and wear two pairs of socks instead of one.

Enjoy a Hot Beverage

When you feel a deep chill inside your body, sip a hot cup of coffee, tea, or apple cider. By doing that, you’ll feel warm from the inside out. Besides, this also gives you an excuse to enjoy your favorite hot beverage any time of the day.

Use Body Warmers

Anyone can take advantage of body warmers, but they’re especially beneficial if you work outside during the winter. You can find these at most grocery stores, as well as online. Companies sell body warmers for the hands, feet, and even the torso area.

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Wear a Heated Jacket

This year, heated jackets are all the rage. Designed with heating elements inside, you simply press a button to activate them. Within minutes, you’ll feel amazingly warm and comfortable.

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