Upgrade Your Gift Wrapping With The Perfect Bow

The girl wraps Christmas gifts.

There’s always that one family member or friend who wraps Christmas presents to perfection. Instead of feeling embarrassed by your wrapping skills, learn how you can make gifts look just as gorgeous. All you need is the right paper or bag, as well as a stunning bow.

A Beautiful Touch

In addition to making gifts look gorgeous, the people you give presents to will appreciate that you took the time to make a stunning bow. As you’ll discover, creating a perfect bow isn’t as hard as you might think. While it might take a little time to perfect them, once you get the hang of it, you can make every present more special.

Required Supplies

To make an amazing bow, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Scissors (be sure to use sharp scissors to create clean edges)
  • Ribbon (preferably something with a holiday theme or in Christmas colors)
  • Tape

Making a Bow

For a more traditional bow, you want to first wrap the gift. For this, use the right size of wrapping paper. Otherwise, you’ll end up with bulkiness on one or both ends. In addition, make sure that patterns line up. With that done, you’ll then start on the bow.

Please note that for this type of Christmas bow, wire ribbon works the best.

Creating Loops

Start by wrapping the ribbon around your hands five times. As you do this, place each loop neatly on top of the previous one. Even after completing this step, don’t cut the ribbon from the roll. Next, lay the looped ribbon on top of the wrapped gift. That way, you can adjust its size based on what looks best.

Here’s an important tip. Make sure the last loop ends up on the opposite side from the first loop. Once you’re happy with the loop size, you can then cut the ribbon from the roll. Carefully remove the looped ribbon from your hand. Next, you’ll fold the loop in half.

Cutting the Cinch

While holding the looped ribbon firmly in the middle and with the centerfold facing up, use the scissors to cut the corners. For this, you’ll remove a small amount of the ribbon on both sides of the centerfold.

Tying the Ribbon

For the next step, you’ll tie the middle of the looped ribbon. You’ll then tie another piece of ribbon around the middle of the looped ribbon. Now, to create a beautiful contrast, choose a piece of ribbon with a complementary design or color. When tying the ribbon, keep the knot on the backside. That way, it’ll sit flat on the top of the gift.

Fanning the Bow

With that done, you’ll separate the loops. Simply separate them one by one going from the inside of the ribbon loop to the outside. When done, carefully pull the loops from the center. As you do that, you want to twist them toward you.

Attaching the Bow to the Present

With the above steps complete, you’ll end up with a bow that looks as though a professional made it. Now, it’s time to place the bow on the Christmas gift. You can accomplish this in one of two ways.

First, cut the ribbon tails off from the bow you just made. Then, tape the bow to the present. Second, wrap the ribbon tails around the package. Of the two, the latter option is the most attractive.

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Adding the Final Touches

Even though you’ve secured the newly created bow to the Christmas present, there’s still a little more to do. By arranging the loops so that they form a circular pattern, the bow will look like a gorgeous flower petal. However, you can embellish the gift more if you want.

For instance, before wrapping the ribbon tails around the present, run it through two or three miniature bells. Those will end up on top of the gift. If you use a solid-colored ribbon to make a bow, you could attach a few sparkly snowflakes with hot glue.

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