Tips For Cleaning Up Fallen Leaves

Fall leaves with rake

Fall leaves with rake

With fall in full swing, you’ll want to consider how you can save yourself a few hours of work this fall. Here are some helpful tips from the Family Handyman to remember when dealing with leaf cleanup. First things first, you’ll want to keep things simple when getting rid of leaves. This task can be daunting, but having the right tools can make it a breeze. So, make sure you have the right equipment, like rakes, blowers, and vacuums, before tackling the job. You’ll also want to clearly understand the task you’ll need to start cleaning leaves.

Use A Yard Vac

A leaf blower/vacuum is an efficient tool for picking up leaves, especially in areas that are difficult to rake, such as flower beds and around shrubs. The bag does not need to be emptied frequently because the yard work vac chops the leaves into small pieces and compacts them into just a few bags.

Bag The Leaves With A Mower

If you have a large yard with plenty of trees, you may want to use a mower to bag the leaves. It does an excellent job shredding the leaves into tiny bits, making them perfect for compost or mulch.

Clear Out Gutter Spouts

It’s important not to overlook the chore of cleaning the wet autumn leaves from your gutter spouts to avoid any blockages that could damage your gutters. A plumber’s snake can be a great tool to help pull out clumps of wet leaves from any clogged downspouts.

Invest In A Mulch Mower

If you dread the task of raking leaves in your yard, there is another solution that you can consider, such as investing in a mulching mower. This type of mower shreds the leaves into small pieces, which easily settle into the grass in your yard. The shredded leaves then decompose, creating natural fertilizer that benefits your lawn. Although you may need to go over some areas two or three times to ensure that all leaves are thoroughly chopped up, the process is still quick, easy, and doesn’t require any raking.

Purchase Bags Or Tarps

Depending on the amount of leaves you need to be moved, you may want to invest in Bagster bags. These can save you money and reduce the amount of plastic leaf bags you use. If you don’t have a Bagster bag, you may want to consider using a tarp to help haul leaves to the desired location.

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Get Your Yard Clean This Fall

Now, you’re prepared to handle the leaf-cleaning process. Head to the store or the garage to grab all the necessary items to make cleaning your yard effortless. When you’re cleaning up leaves, you’ll want to regularly check your roof and gutters when cleaning leaves.

A build-up of leaves on the roof can cause your roof to deteriorate prematurely. If your gutters get clogged by debris, then it can lead to wall and ceiling damage. Remember leaf blower safety like wearing leather gloves, hearing protection, and eye protection. Make sure you also let the blower cool for 15 minutes before you attempt refueling.

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