Don’t Miss These Items At The Farmers’ Market

It’s that time of the year again when farmers’ markets are in full swing. These markets are the perfect place to find fresh, seasonal produce directly from the source. While some people believe that these markets are only for the wealthy, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Farmers’ markets are actually quite affordable, especially… Continue reading Don’t Miss These Items At The Farmers’ Market

The Perfect Tailgating Checklist

There are several aspects to consider when planning a tailgate. Every amazing tailgate has the right location, delicious food, and fun entertainment. No matter which game you plan a tailgate for, this checklist by The Frugal Girls is extremely helpful for planning the ultimate party. These tricks and tips can help you plan an unforgettable… Continue reading The Perfect Tailgating Checklist

Reset From Vacation With These Tips

With the vacation over, it’s time to reset and return to daily responsibilities with these tips from Mercy Health. Everyone needs a well-deserved break, but with reality setting back in, it’s time to rethink some habits you may have brought home. Before you head back to work, check out these tips for eating and fitness… Continue reading Reset From Vacation With These Tips

The Future Of Electric Vehicles

The future is electric; with new ultramodern models, lower prices, longer battery life, and an increased driving range, more people are turning to electric vehicles. Several manufacturers are jumping on board the electric vehicle to create more sustainable automobiles. States like New York are requiring all new passenger SUVs, cars, and pickup trucks sold to… Continue reading The Future Of Electric Vehicles

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