See The Symphony This Spring

The girl's hand on the strings of a violin in dark colors

The Glens Falls Symphony began as a community orchestra in 1977. And in 1990, they joined with the American Federation of Musicians. Now, Glens Falls is the smallest city in the country to have a professional orchestra. And the symphony has a big presence, which is easy to feel when you watch them perform. It’s time to make plans to see the symphony this spring.

Planning Your Visit

The symphony offers several concerts every year, and 2023 is no exception. In addition to the regular season concerts, there are also special events and performances. In fact, you can also enjoy great film screenings and pre-concert talks. Of course, there are many ways to get your tickets for the next event. You can find the schedule and buy tickets online. Another option is to purchase tickets over the phone. Or you can get tickets at the door on the day of the event up to two hours before.

A Close Relationship with Glens Falls High School

Glens Falls High School students are fortunate to have a great relationship with the orchestra. For instance, the symphony performs in the state-of-the-art auditorium there. In addition, student musicians can access concerts for a discounted price of $5. And non-musical students can also attend for a discounted cost of $10. Finally, the orchestra plans to hold many children’s concerts to encourage young people to explore music.

Inspiring Strings

One way the Glens Falls Symphony partners with young and bright musicians is to work with them directly. For example, there is an upcoming concert night called “Inspiring Strings.” In fact, on March 19, some of the great young talents in the region will play with professional musicians. The group will play popular symphony pieces that you shouldn’t miss.

Supporting the Arts at Home

The Glens Falls area is fortunate to have a professional symphony in town. And there are so many ways to support this vital arts program. For instance, you can sponsor a musical chair. You can also make a general donation or a gift for a loved one. Furthermore, you can remember the symphony in your will and estate planning. Or donate to the musician housing fund. A vibrant arts program enriches the community and inspires the next generation of talent.

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Volunteer Where You Love to Be

Of course, donating is not the only way to support this great program. In fact, you can volunteer to help the symphony in many ways. For instance, volunteers can perform office activities or serve as ushers at concerts and events. And some volunteers even work as stagehands or help set up shows. And you could also become a host and house musicians. The reward for volunteering is knowing that you’re helping an essential program grow and flourish.

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