Pollen Is Coming. Is Your Car Ready?

Replacing cabin pollen air filter for vehicle

A warm breeze and the bright sun are welcome things after a cold winter. But they also herald the start of allergy season for many people. In addition, it’s also a sign to check your car’s cabin air filter. If you haven’t checked it or changed it lately, it might be time. Pollen is coming. Here’s what you need to know about getting your car ready.

Signs It’s Time for a Change

There are several ways you can determine if it’s time to change your cabin air filter. For example, you might smell a stale or bad odor in your car that is not from a spill. Or, your fan might not be very efficient in putting out air. Another sign it’s time for a change is if you have not changed it in over a year. However, the length of time between filter changes depends on how often you drive and where you live.

Check the Recommendations

Your car’s owner’s manual may have advice about how often to change your cabin air filter. In addition, the filter manufacturer may also recommend how long the filter likely will last. If you are driving under normal conditions, these recommendations can be helpful. A filter could last for 12,000-15,000 miles of driving or even longer. However, heavy pollen and dust during springtime can shorten the filter’s useful life.

Does Changing the Cabin Air Filter Matter?

If you haven’t changed the filter in a long time or ever, you will notice a big difference when you do. The cabin air filter catches tiny particles and allows cleaner air to filter into the car. Although you cannot see the pollen and dust in the air on most days, it can still affect things. For example, more pollen particles in the air can trigger an allergic reaction. And trying to drive while sneezing with itchy, watery eyes is not fun.

How to Change Your Air Filter

Some people opt to change their own filters, while others visit a mechanic. If you are thinking about changing your own air filter, start with your owner’s manual. Usually, it will tell you how you can access the filter. For many cars, you can get to it through the glove compartment. In other vehicles, you might have to get under the dashboard. Of course, you can get most types of cabin air filters at your local auto parts store.

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Get Help with Changing Your Filter

However, not all cabin air filters are easy to access. In addition, you may not have the time to do the maintenance yourself. You can get fast and professional service at the Della Group Auto Dealerships in the Queensbury, New York area. Make an appointment today for the expert technicians to check your filter and be ready for a pollen-filled spring.

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