Pump Up Your Productivity With These Playlists

Do you struggle to remain productive as the day goes on? If so, we might have something to help you. We have compiled a list of different genres that will help you vibe out and increase your productivity and cognitive performance.

How Does Music Increase Productivity?

Research shows that the trick to finding the right music to help your productivity is to start slow. Therapists use a concept known as the iso principle to alter the mood of patients. The music that is provided to patients is gradually altered to achieve the desired mood. Start with music that doesn’t force you to be productive, but puts you in a good headspace. You then can slowly transition to more “power” songs.

Once you get into a better headspace, you can switch to music with a faster track speed, aka a “power song.” This is used to motivate the listener. Other tricks include rethinking the lyrics and being flexible with your playlist. This simply means that you should avoid adding songs that require you to pay attention to the lyrics and add songs that you know will make you feel good.

Overall, the type of music that helps you become more productive is up to you. If it works for you, roll with it.

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Productive Songs By Genre

  • Classical – Though research has found evidence that music by Mozart can improve short-term spatial-temporal reasoning, it does not increase intelligence. It won’t turn you into a genius, but listening to classical music does have its advantages in slightly boosting brainpower in short spurts.
  • Coffee Shop Sounds – Did you know that a certain level of background noises can enhance productivity? The process is known as stochastic resonance stimulation. As such, music that lingers in the background of coffee shops, like smooth jazz, can work wonders in a pinch.
  • Ambient Music – Relaxing beats and soothing sounds are a favorite among those looking to focus on a task. The majority of people, according to a Spotify survey, said that ambient music works best for studying.
  • Nature Sounds – When you’re stressed, listening to the soothing sound of birds chirping, a babbling brook, or leaves blowing on a fall day, does wonders to frayed nerves. A study by the Acoustical Society of America found that the sound of a flowing mountain stream boosted mood and productivity in an open office.

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