Your Kids Will Have A Blast With These DIY New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Mom and daughters with real emotions of joy explode a confetti clapper in the New Year 2022

We’ve all made it through another year! As 2021 comes to a close, it is definitely time to get together with your friends and family and celebrate to ring in the 2022 new year. Sometimes, adults are so caught up in NYE shenanigans that they forget the kids made it through the last trip around the sun too. Give them something special to do on this fun, celebratory night so they can really understand the fun of bringing in a new year. Here are some NYE crafts for kids that they are sure to love.

Balloon Clock

Blow up 12 balloons and number them using a marker, colorful tape, or even paper cut-outs. Fill them with confetti and secure them to the wall using tape. Use each balloon as an hour marker leading up to the new year. When each hour arrives, pop the balloon and watch that confetti fly.

Edible Party Horns

Turn some store-bought ice cream cones into sugary edible party horns. Dip each cone into melted white chocolate then cover it in brightly-colored sugar crystal sprinkles! Coat the end of the cone with white molding chocolate to create the blower and you have a sweet and tasty party horn.

New Year Crescent Dippers

Whip up this fun and tasty little appetizer this new year! Get yourself some refrigerated Pillsbury Original Crescent Dough Sheets and get to work. Cut and mold the dough into number shapes to create “2022”. After they bake, dip them in your favorite sauce.

Confetti Launchers

If you have old toilet paper tubes laying around, this is the perfect craft for you. Decorate your tubes with whatever markers, stickers, or glitter you have laying around. Place the lip of a balloon over the bottom of the roll then fill it with confetti. Pull down the balloon, and you will have a homemade confetti launcher.

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DIY Noise Makers

Here’s another toilet paper tube craft! Decorate your toilet paper roll however you choose. Seal one end of the tube with duct tape then fill it with rice, beans, coins, or beads to make some noise. Seal up the other end of the tube and shake it!

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