Enjoy Ice Fishing Season At Lake George and Lake Champlain

It’s ice fishing season and that means it’s time to grab your coat and some bait and head outside. We think there’s something truly peaceful and magical about ice fishing. The ice, the crisp air, it’s definitely a wonderful time of year. Lake George and Lake Champlain are two places you need to put on your list of places to go ice fishing. Here are some highlights of each place to inspire your next excursion today.

Lake George

This stunning lake is one of the perfect places to go ice fishing. There are three places we recommend buying bait from and they are: Fish307, Crossroads, and Beach Road Bait & Tackle. Keep in mind that all bait must be certified and have a signed bait notice that is from the past week.

As for what to fish for, there are three popular fish to look for at Lake George: yellow perch, lake trout, and the landlocked salmon. Yellow perch can be found near banks, ledges, islands, basically anything with a structure beside it. The lake trout can be found in much deeper waters. Check the deep pockets of the lake for these. The landlocked salmon can be found right underneath the ice, so you don’t have to go far to find them. Don’t forget to take note of size and amount limitations while you’re fishing in order to avoid trouble.

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Lake Champlain

Many of the same fish and more can be found at Lake Champlain. The best resources on what is being found at the time you want to go fishing can be located at any of the local bait shops. Once you have your bait and your information, head to one of the many ponds in this region.

One of our favorites is Putnam Pond and North Pond. These two separate ponds are considered one since they’re close together. This location is popular and is relatively easy to reach. Our second favorite is Lincoln Pond. Lincoln Pond is another easily accessible location and is a generally calm area.

There are many more ponds to pick from and they’re all excellent, so make sure you choose the best one for you.

Lake Champlain and Lake George await your next ice fishing adventure. Pick a location and plan your trip today!

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