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Elevate Any Meal With Compound Butter

Maple walnut and Curry infused butter on cold slate with freshly baked bread
Have you ever wondered why your fish, chicken, or beef cooked at home doesn’t taste as good as what top-rated restaurants serve? Well, there’s a valid reason. You see, chefs have a secret. To enhance flavors, they use compound butter. Here’s some great news. Now that you know, you can... [read more]

Season Things Up With These Spice Blends

prinkling Ground Red Chili Pepper Paprika over Sliced Vegetables
Creating your own spice blends might seem like a lot of work at first, but there are actually many benefits. For example, if you have an allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient, you can make blends that are safer for you. In addition, homemade spice blends can be as mild... [read more]

How To Use Different Cooking Oils

Cooking oil an seasoning on a wooden table
If you're working on your kitchen skills this year,  then understanding which oils to fry, sauté, marinate, and bake with will greatly enhance your chef skills. Here's a 101 lesson on how to use different cooking oils. Why Choosing the Right Cooking Oil Matters You heard that there are a lot of... [read more]

Enjoy Your Turkey With this Holiday Rub

Adding a spice rub to a raw turkey
If you're looking for a turkey recipe that results in flavorful, moist turkey and irresistible gravy, this recipe is for you! Ingredients The rub itself has relatively few ingredients - kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, dried thyme, dried rosemary, dried sage, and garlic powder. This recipe gives you everything you need... [read more]