See The Ice Castles At Lake George

Sunset on the lake the day after it snows.

Are you ready to enter a winter wonderland full of ice slides, ice mazes, frozen thrones, craw tunnels, fountains, and much more? Go to Charles Wood Park and see the Ice Castles at Lake George.

The History Of Ice Castles

Ice Castles got its start when Brent Christensen wanted to build an ice cave for his daughter. Over time, it grew until it became an internationally renowned tourist attraction. Now that it is here in New York, there are five locations. The other four are in Minnesota, New Hampshire, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Building Ice Castles

Approximately 20 to 40 ice artisans work over the course of eight weeks to build the Ice Castles. It starts with harvest and placing between 5,000 and 12,000 icicles. The team drenches them with water over and over as part of the construction process, embedding LED lights inside the ice for illumination. The various structures can reach up to 30 feet in height.

Tips For Your Visit

Here are some tips regarding to parking, infants and toddlers, suggested visiting times, and other information. Note that the organizers report this information is subject to change and may be updated.

  • Free parking is available along Elizabeth Little Boulevard (formerly West Brook Road). There is also $10 parking close to the Ice Castles.
  • If you are bringing infants or toddlers, be aware that no strollers are allowed inside. But, you can bring a small sled to pull them around.
  • The ice slides may have lines (they move quickly!), or height restrictions. Some slides require use of their super flat sleds, at no additional charge.
  • When taking photos or selfies, please do what you need to do and then move along, so others can enjoy the attraction.
  • When exiting, there is small gift shop where you can purchase merchandise, there may be a food truck, and there are porta-potties.
  • Should you visit at day or at night? Good question. Daytime allows you to admire the light reflection off the ice. Nighttime brings out the colorful LED lights.

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Lake George Winter Carnival

Don’t forget about the Lake George Winter Carnival also happening right now. There will be cookoffs, contests, car races, and much more going on during the carnival.

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