Go Out To Dinner At Mikado

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New York has many wonderful things, including an amazing selection of restaurants. If you enjoy Japanese cuisine, you don’t want to miss eating at Mikado in Glens Falls. For one thing, this restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere along with excellent service. For another, the food is outstanding.

A Unique Place for Dinner

It didn’t take long for Mikado’s restaurant to become a favorite place to go for delicious food. However, not only can you choose from a variety of Japanese dishes but also Korean. As a result, you have a lot of options. Although everyone on the menu is wonderful, Mikado has a reputation for making mouth-watering sushi.

Sushi and Sashimi

The chef takes a lot of pride in making sushi and sashimi using only the finest and freshest ingredients available. That alone makes a huge difference in quality. Here are some examples of what you can get when eating at Mikado for dinner:

  • Salmon Donburi – This includes cooked salmon served over sushi rice
  • Spicy Tuna Poke Donburi – For this, the chef uses tuna, mixed greens, salmon roe, and seaweed salad
  • Ishi Yaki Buri Bob -This dish consists of a hot stone pot rice bowl and your choice of either yellowtail tuna or eel

At this restaurant, you have a choice between traditional sushi, vegetarian sushi, and even low-carb sushi. In addition, you can choose different sizes of assorted sashimi. Those include Regular, which comes with nine pieces of assorted sashimi, Deluxe with 12 pieces, and Big Guy, which includes 20 pieces.

Additional Menu Items

While both sushi and sashimi are the most popular, Mikado offers many additional menu items. Some of these include:

  • Poke Bowls (Ahi, Hawaiian, and California style)
  • Special Rolls – If you want the best experience possible at Mikado, try one of the special rolls on the menu. There’s the Angry Dragon, made with spicy crab and tempura shrimp. You can also try the Alaska Tropica roll, which includes salmon, cream cheese, and avocado. Other options are the Cali Crunch, Caterpillar Roll, Dancing Lady, and many more.
  • Hibachi
  • Chicken and Beef Teriyaki
  • An assortment of Korean dishes, such as Kimichi Jigae, JaeYuk Bokkeum, JapChae, and Kangpung Chicken, among others

Amazing Desserts

Along with some of the best Japanese and Korean food you’ve ever had, you can enjoy one of the desserts served at Mikado. That includes fried ice cream, mochi, fried cheesecake, sushi ice cream, and ice cream with a sweet red bean topping.

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A Great Place for Dinner

In Glens Falls, New York, you’ll never go wrong by visiting Mikado’s restaurant. For more than 20 years, this establishment has surpassed customers’ expectations. Whether you plan to take a date, go out with your spouse, or dine with a friend, you’ll add this to your list of favorite places to eat.

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