Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Try

A purebred golden retriever dog is showing the importance of animal dental health. In this frame the dog is holding a toothbrush in his mouth.

It can be a lot of fun being a dog owner until it isn’t. Thankfully, Puppy Leaks offers some tips and tricks to make your life as a dog owner simpler, so you can make sure your furry friend is happy and your home looks neat. With these hacks, you can ensure that your dog is refreshed as well as entertained and mentally stimulated. By implementing these tips into you and your dog’s routine, you can develop a more intimate bond with your pup as you solve common issues.

Dog Hair Solutions

Unless you own a dog that is hypoallergenic and does not shed, you are going to have to deal with dog hair. While a common suggestion is to use slipcovers or blankets to cover your furniture, you do not want to hide the sofas and chairs that you specifically bought to decorate your home. If your dog does get hair on the furniture or carpet, there are some easy solutions to removing the dog hair. First, dryer sheets can work like magic to remove loose dog hair from fabric. You can try the same thing with rubber gloves or a roll of packing tape. If there is fur on the carpet or rugs, then you can use a window squeegee.

Cleaning & Covering Up the Mess

It is not just dog hair that you have to clean up after. There are drool and urine dribbles as well as scratch marks to contend with in your home. If you have a puppy in training who has an accident, you can quickly clean this up with some baking soda. Have a dog that is constantly drooling? You can easily clean up after your dog with a Magic Eraser. If you are trying to eliminate dog odors, then you can simply spray the area with vinegar. When your fur baby leaves scratch marks on the hardwood floors or wooden chair posts, you can cover up the scratch by rubbing a walnut over it.

Mentally Stimulate Your Pup

One reason that dogs create a mess in the home is often because they are bored or restless. They are not being challenged enough mentally or given enough exercise. There are activities, however, that you can do at home to help mentally stimulate your pup. With just a muffin tin, tennis balls, and treats, you can make a fun puzzle toy for your dog. Place treats in the muffin tins and cover with tennis balls. Your dog has to work to remove each tennis ball and is rewarded with the treat that is hidden beneath. You can also train your dog to chase bubbles in the backyard. Even spending five minutes playing tug with them using their favorite toy is a great way to help stimulate and tire out your pup.

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Groovy Grooming Tips

Grooming may not be your dog’s favorite thing, but there are some hacks you can use to ensure that your dog is properly taken care of. One of the most difficult grooming tasks is brushing your dog’s teeth. You can make this easier by adding dog toothpaste to a rope toy. Another grooming chore that can be hard is cutting your dog’s nails. Very often, dog owners nip the nails too short and the dog’s nail begins to bleed. While you will want the proper tool and plenty of practice to avoid this, there is an easy way to stop your dog’s nails from bleeding should this occur. You can make a paste using flour, baking soda, and water. Apply this mixture to the nail with some slight pressure for a few minutes.

By following these simple hacks, you can ensure that your dog is happy and healthy while your home stays in order.


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