Greet The Holidays With A Homemade Wreath

Christmas wreath on red door

Instead of admiring your neighbor’s holiday wreaths, why not put one on your front door? Sure, you could pay a lot to buy one. However, there’s a better idea. You can make a Christmas wreath. Not only will this save you money, but it’s also an excellent way to make visitors feel welcome.

Easier than Imagined

Don’t feel intimidated about making a beautiful Christmas wreath. As you’ll discover, it’s much easier than you think. In addition, after creating the wreath, you can adorn it any way you want. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can create a door wreath that’s casual, chic, or elegant.

Supplies for Your Holiday Wreath

Start by getting all the basic supplies. These include:

  • Pine wreath (24 inches or bigger)
  • Greenery (frosted pine needles)
  • Floral stems (ferns, wispy stems, or glitter-covered leaves)
  • Ornaments (faux red or white metallic berries, small pinecones, gold or silver ribbon, small silver bells, miniature frosted balls, etc.)
  • Wire cutters
  • Glue gun and glue or floral wire
  • Pipe cleaner (for hanging)

Step One

As mentioned, you can decorate your Christmas wreath in hundreds of ways. So, keep that in mind when shopping for ornaments. Now, you’ll move on to the next step of putting everything together. Here’s another great tip. Arrange the greenery, fern stems, and ornaments by size. That’ll make it a lot easier to place them on the wreath in the order that looks the best.

For the first step, spread out the branches of the pine wreath. In other words, make sure you stretch them out inward, outward, and forward. With that done, you’ll attach the pipe cleaner at the top portion of the wreath on its back. However, you can also use a string of fishing line or purchase an actual wreath hanger if preferred.

Step Two

Now, you’ll add the greenery. First, use the floral wire to secure the larger pieces of greenery to the base of the wreath. Then, you’ll do the same with the smaller greenery pieces but instead, place them on top of the larger pieces and slightly off-center. This creates a two-dimensional effect.

Step Three

You’ll next focus on the faux berries. Although you could place them on the wreath in bunches, the wreath will look much better by separating them. For this, pull the berries away from the stem. Then, clip them off using the wire cutters. Not only will this enhance the beauty of the wreath, but it will also give you extra embellishments without spending more money.

To make your wreath look incredible, secure an odd number of berries to the wreath around the greenery.

Step Four

With that done, it’s time to place the wispy stems on the wreath. Although you can place them in several areas of the wreath, they’ll look best near the greenery and berries. That way, they’ll appear to be part of the “plant.”

Step Five

After securing all the adornments to the wreath, you can then use the ribbon to further adorn it. One option is to make a bow that’s placed on one side of the Christmas wreath. However, you can also place a bow at the top. If preferred, you can even wrap the ribbon through the wreath at the top and then allow the two ends to cascade gently to the sides.

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You’ll Love the Results

When it comes to making a Christmas wreath to display on your front door, don’t be afraid to let your creativity go wild. If you need ideas, you can always search online.

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