Tired Of Turkey? Dine Out At Farmacy

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Turkey is a big part of the holiday season. So, you probably eat your fair share of it. However, there comes a point where enough is enough. That’s when you should head to Farmacy in Glens Falls, New York.

An Amazing Restaurant

Farmacy is a unique restaurant. There, you can enjoy a delicious meal that doesn’t include turkey. Along with an incredible dinner menu are excellent desserts. This restaurant even has a fantastic Sunday brunch.

Most importantly, if you plan to eat dinner at Farmacy, make a reservation. That’s because it’s a popular place. For one thing, the food is great. For another, it has a charming atmosphere. Located at 22 Ridge Street in a 1900s’ building that served as a feed store makes it unique.

What’s for Dinner?

Well, turkey is one food you won’t find at Farmacy. However, you will discover a variety of other dishes. The chef at Farmacy only uses the best ingredients. In addition, they make everything from scratch. So, you’ll love the food regardless of what you order.

Many customers order oysters. This favorite dish comes with horseradish and berry mignonette. In addition, there’s the Soppressata dish. Along with the Italian sausage, you’ll receive candied cabbage and grilled toast. For the bread, there’s whole-grain mustard.

Farmacy’s sourdough bread is another favorite. Fresh out of the oven, it’s delicious on its own. However, there’s a way to enhance its flavor. Simply slather slices with Farmacy’s pumpkin butter. For something light, try the arugula salad. The greens include crushed cashews and dried cherries. It’s then drizzled with maple vinaigrette.

Fantastic Desserts

Dinner isn’t the only reason to visit Farmacy. This restaurant also serves amazing desserts. One option is the confit apple dessert. It’s a combination of fresh apples, cheddar ice cream, and miso caramel inside of a flaky crust.

That’s not the only fantastic dessert. You can choose from one of three ice cream flavors, as well. However, the restaurant changes the flavors frequently. Perhaps the streusel donuts sound appealing. This dessert includes peanut butter ice cream and strawberry preserves. There’s also vegan pumpkin bread.

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Sunday Brunch

Next Sunday, don’t pull the leftover turkey out of the refrigerator. Instead, enjoy a fabulous brunch at Farmacy. With a huge selection of dishes, it won’t disappoint. Here are just a few of the things offered:

  • Mushroom Bruschetta – This dish starts with locally grown mushrooms. From there, the chef tosses in red onion, garlic, and cherry tomatoes. To complete the dish, they add house focaccia.
  • Poblano Stuffed Pepper – This consists of peppers, cherry tomatoes, and potatoes. However, it also contains lion mane mushrooms. They enhance the overall flavor.
  • Brisket Hash – The brisket ham is another great choice. It comes with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. However, it also includes potatoes, toast, and a salad.
  • Lobster Benedict – Lobster Benedict is an excellent substitution for turkey. Obviously, this dish includes lobster. It also comes with a poached egg topped with hollandaise sauce. That’s not all. There’s confit focaccia, potato, and brown sugar, as well.
  • Spiced Pumpkin Bread and Donut Holes – Even your kids can enjoy a delicious Sunday brunch at Farmacy. After all, there are plenty of other foods they’ll love.

For a food experience that will satisfy your taste buds, schedule a visit to the Farmacy as soon as possible.

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