Use Your Grill Year Round With These Cold Weather Grilling Tips

Cooking Steaks and Kabobs on a Backyard BBQ in the Middle of Winter

As the cold of winter sets in, it’s easy to think that the yummy days of grilling are over until the cold subsides. Although it’s chilly, don’t pack up the grill just yet. There is more than one way of doing your cooking this winter. Your grill is extremely versatile with these tips for grilling in cold weather.

Winterize Your Grill

The most important thing to do in the winter is to keep your grill clean and oiled. Vegetable oil or canola oil will keep the grates smooth. Before you start to grill, inspect everything to be sure it is working properly. Inspect the hoses, burners, jets, and gas lines. The flame should always burn blue. If the flame isn’t blue, the burners could be clogged.

Inspect the grill lid and knobs to make sure they aren’t frozen. If they are, just move the grill into the garage to defrost.

Make a Snow-Free Zone

No matter what kind of grill master you are, you never want to allow snow to pile on top of or around your grill. Leaving the snow to melt can cause rusting. Keeping your grill clear of snow will allow you to get as much life out of the item as possible. Make sure all of the surfaces of the grill are dry before you start to cook your food.

Protect Your Grill

You never want to stand a grill next to anything flammable. Not only could it damage your grill, but it could also hurt your home. Grills should remain at least 10 feet away from your home. Clear away any leaves or debris that could be flammable or problematic.

Do not place your grill in an enclosed area like a porch or garage. Position your grill where it is safe from wind and other elements.

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Increase Insulation

There are insulation options you can explore for your grill to reduce fuel costs and boost performance. For protection against all weather, including winter, you may want to invest in a grill jacket.

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