Don’t Believe These Cleaning Myths

Cleaning with spray detergent, rubber gloves and dish cloth on work surface

Did you get gum on your favorite shoes? Or, is your car exterior a complete mess? We all do it – hop on google and search “how to clean my car” or “how to remove gum from sneakers.” Sometimes, Pinterest or blogger hacks will fail you, leaving you with a grimy-looking vehicle or a ruined pair of shoes. Find out which cleaning myths you have been following!

Ink and Marker Stains

Did a Sharpie leak black ink all over your new sweater? Google might tell you to spray hairspray for easy removal. Although, it actually might leave you with a sticky mess. Instead of using hairspray for the alcohol content, use rubbing alcohol to kick that ink stain. After, apply your favorite stain remover and wash in the washing machine!

Removing Gum

Peanut butter is for apples and sandwiches – not for your clothing or shoes! Adding peanut butter to gummy clothing or hair will only leave you with a sticky, frustrating mess. Instead, we recommend using olive or coconut oil, as the product will provide the same oils as peanut butter but without the sticky mess.

Fading Clothing

Do you want your clothing to stay vibrant and true to color? Stop following the salt-soaking hack, as it simply doesn’t make a difference. If your clothing is fading, it’s either a product quality issue, or you aren’t using high-quality detergents.

Dust Build Up

Tired of running your finger across the baseboards, only to find tons of dust once again? Some will tell you wax paper is the answer, but the truth is, it will only leave your baseboards sticky. Instead, clean your baseboards with a microfiber cloth, or run dryer sheets across the area.

Car Exterior

Not afraid of a little DIY car wash? You shouldn’t be – it’s simple! The key is using safe products for your vehicle’s exterior. While you should use a grease fighting product, dishwashing detergent could strip the paint. Instead, use a cleaner that is made specifically for vehicles.

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Wooden Furniture

Most wooden furniture you purchase in store these days is not just raw wood, as most pieces have a finish on them. Your typical wooden cleaner will actually compromise the finish, making your furniture appear dull. White vinegar and microfiber rag should do the trick!

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