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Try These Life Hacks This Season

Shot of a young woman relaxing with her dog at home
As Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast.” Your day-to-day can get hectic, and let's not forget bigger tasks and projects like moving. Surely there can be something that can make these tasks simpler. This is where life hacks come in. These little tricks help make your life a little... [read more]

Tips For Hiking In The Fall

Tips For Hiking In The Fall
  Hiking and the fall season just go hand-in-hand. As you hike the trails in autumn, you will feel something special about the experience. There is a calm serenity as you wander through the trails amongst trees with vibrant colored leaves. The air is cool and crisp. It can truly be... [read more]

Don’t Miss These Items At The Farmers’ Market

Fresh vegetables and fruits for sale on market stall
It's that time of the year again when farmers' markets are in full swing. These markets are the perfect place to find fresh, seasonal produce directly from the source. While some people believe that these markets are only for the wealthy, that couldn't be further from the truth. Farmers' markets... [read more]

Cut A Slice Of This Apple Butter Pie

crust for apple butter pie
Fall is here! While the season brings sweater weather, the changing of the leaves, and football, it also brings delicious seasonal desserts. Though pumpkin or pecan pie may come to mind, we suggest that you push those recipes to the side to make room for this Cinnamon Sugar Apple Butter Pie.... [read more]

Tips For Cleaning Up Fallen Leaves

Fall leaves with rake
With fall in full swing, you'll want to consider how you can save yourself a few hours of work this fall. Here are some helpful tips from the Family Handyman to remember when dealing with leaf cleanup. First things first, you'll want to keep things simple when getting rid of... [read more]

Scenic Routes To Take Near Lake George

Lake George, nicknamed the Queen of American Lakes, is a long, narrow oligotrophic lake located at the southeast base of the Adirondack Mountains
There is something transcendent about taking a drive in the crisp autumn season, especially in places like Lake George in New York. With the cooler temperatures and the seasons changing, the vista changes from vivid greens to vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows in a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors. The view... [read more]

Practice Success With This After-Work Routine

A beautiful business woman in her home sitting in an armchair using a digital laptop, relaxing and using her free time. She put her feet on the table.
Success in life often hinges on the daily habits and routines we establish. Just as a morning routine can kickstart your day, an after-work routine can set you up for success in the evenings and beyond. By adopting an effective after-work routine, you're not only preparing for a smooth morning,... [read more]

The Perfect Tailgating Checklist

Group Of Sports Fans Tailgating In Stadium Car Park
There are several aspects to consider when planning a tailgate. Every amazing tailgate has the right location, delicious food, and fun entertainment. No matter which game you plan a tailgate for, this checklist by The Frugal Girls is extremely helpful for planning the ultimate party. These tricks and tips can... [read more]

Bake A Batch Of These Coffee Snickerdoodles

Bake A Batch Of These Coffee Snickerdoodles
While chocolate chip cookies are a classic to make all year round and sugar cookies tend to be the star of the kitchen during Christmas as people decorate the cookies with sprinkles, colored sugar, and festive cookie cutters, the Snickerdoodle is the perfect cookie to make this autumn. These delightful,... [read more]

Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Try

A purebred golden retriever dog is showing the importance of animal dental health. In this frame the dog is holding a toothbrush in his mouth.
It can be a lot of fun being a dog owner until it isn't. Thankfully, Puppy Leaks offers some tips and tricks to make your life as a dog owner simpler, so you can make sure your furry friend is happy and your home looks neat. With these hacks, you... [read more]