Catch The Summer Concert Series

Catch The Summer Concert Series

Sometimes you need a dollop of culture. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the arts in Glens Falls, New York. One of the best locations in town for witnessing a wonderful cultural experience is The Park Theater. This summer in particular, you can catch the summer concert series that is being put on by The Park Theater in Glens Falls.

When Are the Concerts

The concert series being hosted by The Park Theater began on June 30th. The series will last until July 28th for this year. The concerts take place every Friday evening. The concerts begin at seven pm and last for an hour and a half.

Concert Location

The concert series is organized by The Park Theater, but will be held at Crandall Park Bandshell. Crandall Park Bandshell is conveniently located on Fire Road in Glens Falls. Should it rain the day of the event, the concert will be moved to The Park Theater.

The Performance Lineup

Each Friday in July, you and your friends can witness spectacular performances from a music artists that cover a variety of style and genres. Each concert has one band or performer for the evening. The lineup for the Summer Series Concerts 2023 looks like this:

  • Hot Club of Saratoga – The first concert in July is on July 7th. Performing that evening is Hot Club of Saratoga. The band’s style is described as “gypsy swing” or “gypsy jazz.” The tunes Hot Club of Saratoga plays are so delightful that you might find yourself standing up to dance along with the music.
  • Reese Fulmer & The Carriage House Band – On July 14th, you can Reese Fulmer play along with his band, The Carriage House Band. This group of musicians will put on a show like no other as they make beautiful riffs and melodies.
  • The Clements Brothers – Talent obviously runs in the Clements family. When you attend the concert on July 21st, you can hear The Clements Brothers perform. Brothers Charles and George are twins who have done everything together their whole lives, including creating music. They will also be playing with Mike Harmon on the drums. The brothers’ songs are influenced by rock, bluegrass, jazz, and classical roots.
  • Girl Blue – If you are nostalgic for late 90’s alternative music, then you will love the sounds of Girl Blue. Girl Blue is Ariel O’Keefe, and she is certain to woo you with her songs when she plays on the last Friday evening of July on the 28th.

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Attend the Summer Series Concerts

This summer when you are looking for something fun to do with your friends or family, consider attending the Summer Series Concerts. These concerts are the perfect low-key event to enjoy on a Friday evening. If you are hungry during the concert, there will be several food trucks at the park to give you the opportunity to grab a bite.

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