Showing Respect At The Community Pool

Showing Respect At The Community Pool

When the summer months arrive at last, you can start doing things that were not possible earlier in the year. For example, the warmer weather allows you to get outdoors and enjoy time at the swimming pool. When it is hot and muggy, nothing feels better than a good swim. However, at a public pool, there are important rules to follow. These guidelines keep you safe and help you get the most out of your experience. Moreover, following pool rules promote respect and helps everyone to enjoy the outing.

Watch the Splashing

While it may be fun to splash the water in a pool, not everyone appreciates it. It is exciting to be in a pool, and splashing can be a natural reaction. For instance, young children often display these actions. But be cautious about doing this in public pools with other swimmers. Excessive splashing can annoy people and sour their experience.

Wear Appropriate Swimwear

There is a time and place for sexy swimming suits such as bikinis and tight-fitting outfits. There may be a right situation to show off your features. However, at a public pool with younger children present, it is best to be a little more conservative. If you are swimming at someone else’s house, then be mindful of who is coming and what swimwear is best. You should also avoid wearing cut-off jeans in the pool. Wet jean shorts can chafe as well as be heavier in the water than actual swimwear.

Stay in the Right Lane

When you are at a pool with swimming lanes, it is important to stay in the right place while you swim. These clearly marked lanes will have ropes dividing each lane. Importantly, you should not swim under the ropes unless it is a safety matter. Furthermore, pools often have lanes dedicated to slow, medium, and fast swimmers. If you pick a particular lane, then stay in it as you swim. It is impolite to swim in a fast lane if you are a slow or beginning swimmer.

Use the Restroom Before Getting in the Pool

This rule should go without saying, but you should not need someone to tell you to go to the bathroom before entering the pool. Unfortunately, however, not everyone is so considerate and sanitary. Parents, help your young children take care of this responsibility. Furthermore, keep an eye on your young kids while they are swimming. If they are showing signs of need to relieve themselves, then get them out and take them to the bathroom quickly.

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Shower First

Many public pools require swimmers to shower before getting in. People with private pools may ask the same thing. Do not disregard this rule. A quick rinse before getting in the pool can minimize the chances of spreading germs.

Swimming this summer can be one of the most enjoyable activities you do. You can have an even more memorable experience when you follow these guidelines of etiquette.

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