Bring The Family Outdoors This Summer

Bring The Family Outdoors This Summer

The days are long and bright in the summer. Make the most of this gorgeous weather with your loved ones by bringing your family outdoors this summer. There are several ways to have fun outside this season. In fact, The Every Mom offers several suggestions on how you can enjoy your time outdoors with your family this summer.

Day at the Park

There is something so quaint and special about visiting a park as a family. There are so many things you can do together. Begin your trip to the park with a bike ride around and through the park. If you do not have bikes, may you and your family can play a game of catch with a football or a baseball and gloves. You may also be able to volley a bit with a volleyball. After you have biked around the park or tossed the ball around, you may have worked up an appetite, so you may want to pack a picnic for your day at the park. You can make your picnic as low-key or as chic as you want. Pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or bring a full charcuterie board. The possibilities for your picnic are truly endless.

The fun does not have to be over after your picnic. You may want to keep the activity level light though. Consider creating a scavenger hunt for your kids to spot different things in nature. On a blustery summer afternoon, you could fly some kites. Depending on the park, you could also spend time feeding the ducks in the park’s pond.

Splish & Splash in the Water

Of course, summer can bring the heat, but you and your family can cool things off outside with some water games. With different toys and gadgets, there are so many fun ways to have a water fight. Fill up your water guns or water balloons to have epic battles. You can also turn on the sprinkler or set up a slip and slide. Make the slip and slide extra fun by adding some dish soap. When the day calls for rain, you can still have some fun outside. Keep an eye out for thunder and lightning, but when there is a light shower, let your kids outside to play in the rain.

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Head to the Backyard

When you have had your fill of water fun, there is still plenty of outdoor fun to be had in your backyard. Plant a garden together has a family. Let each kid pick out their favorite flower to plant. You could also play a game of cornhole or kick around the soccer ball. Maybe you want to set up a game of foursquare to play in the driveway.

When you are done playing a few rounds of foursquare, let your kids spend some leisure time coloring with chalk in the drive way. The outdoor fun can continue into the summer evening when you and your kids camp out in the backyard. Set up a tent and fire in the fire pit. You can grill hamburgers or hotdogs for dinner. Be sure to also have everything you need to make s’mores.

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