Air Up Your Tires And Explore The Warren County Bikeway

Man rides a bike outdoors in the park on a sunny day at sunset

Beautiful Glens Falls is a biking enthusiast’s playground. The area provides a gorgeous backdrop of scenery and a peaceful environment. You don’t have to go far to find a great place to ride your bike. The Warren County Bikeway is ideal for enjoying some time outside doing what you love most. Check out the bikeway today, get some exercise, and have some fun riding.

Bikeway Details

People who live biking are always looking for a new place to ride. You may grow weary of the same old route. Glens Falls has a well-maintained path for testing your endurance and participating in your hobby. The Warren County Bikeway covers 9.4 miles, beginning at Platt Street downtown. It terminates at Ft. George Lake in Lake George. The trail is open to bikers, joggers, and walkers throughout the year.

A Bike Path in Good Condition

Experienced bikers know what it’s like to ride on worn-out trails. However, the Warren County Bikeway is paved, proving a smooth path for riders. This helps to provide a more enjoyable, safer experience for you and all those who use the bikeway.

Stories Along the Way

Because Glens Falls is a historical city, the bikeway has points along the trail indicating important events. You will encounter spots on your ride where a significant event may have occurred. Furthermore, points of interest will indicate unique and interesting facts about the area. You can check out kiosks and maps indicating these details.

A Gorgeous Ride

Moreover, as you ride, you can enjoy a peaceful trip. The trail is lined with trees and plants, as well as beautiful views of the area. Adjacent to and near the trail are parks and picnic areas.

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Rule and Regulations

Of course, you want to have an enjoyable experience as you ride. However, nothing is more important than your safety and others on the trail. Firstly, as you ride, never travel more than two abreast. You should ride single file as well. Keep to the right as you ride, and move over as far to the right as you can to accommodate faster travelers. Be cautious not to ride too fast; always be in control.

Furthermore, be cautious when you cross roadways. You must also make sure that your equipment is in good condition. Wear a helmet and other protective equipment as well. Importantly, you are not allowed to bring dogs on the trail, even if they are on a leash.

This summer, make sure you spend some time on the Warren County Bikeway. Bring your family or some friends and enjoy your ride. There are lots of interesting and fun sites to see along the way.

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