What Your “Check Engine” Light Is Telling You

Engine failure symbol lights up in the dashboard of the car

There are few things more frustrating than dealing with car problems. For example, breakdowns and mechanical failures can leave you stranded. You could face inconveniences or even dangers on the road. Fortunately, a little light in your vehicle can warn you of problems. The “Check Engine” light indicates when your vehicle needs service or repairs. However, the warning light can mean different things. It’s important to understand what could be happening and what you need to do about it.

A Look at the “Check Engine” Light

As technology improves, computers control many aspects of a vehicle’s performance and function. Of course, onboard vehicle computers have been common since the 1990s. When the computer diagnostics system of your car discovers a problem, it lets you know through the “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light. The light in your vehicle may have these exact words. Furthermore, the indicator in your car may be a picture of an engine. These indicators will light up in yellow below the dash when there are issues.

What the Indicators Could Mean

When you see this warning in your car, any number of problems could be evident. The engine issue could be something minor such as a loose gas cap. Or, it could mean your vehicle’s engine is misfiring or a transmission failure or engine failure. These issues could result in inexpensive repairs, costly overhauls, or anything in between.

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What to do About it

Moreover, if you see this warning light come on, don’t panic. You shouldn’t have to immediately pull over and call a tow truck to take your car to the shop. However, you need to let a trained mechanic investigate the problem and diagnose it as soon as possible. Do not ignore the “Check Engine” light. For instance, if it comes on while driving, don’t assume this is just a suggestion. You need to take this warning seriously.

As soon as you can, take your vehicle to a reputable mechanic. The technician will determine what it means and assess what components to address. Be aware that the longer you put off any repairs or service work, the more expensive the maintenance will be. If you drive a vehicle with faltering parts and systems, you may need to replace the components soon. Conversely, quickly handling the matter will reduce the chances of having major problems or paying more than you can afford.

Taking good care of your vehicle will help it to perform well and last longer. Keep a close eye on the “Check Engine” light and have a professional service your vehicle. When you notice this warning, bring your car to the service department at DELLA Auto Group in Queensbury, NY. The dedicated team will get your car back on the road running smoothly in no time.

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