Spring Is Here, And So Is Spring Cleaning

Young man cleaning his apartment

Some people love a good deep cleaning, and others don’t enjoy it as much. But now that spring is here, it’s time to whip your house into shape. And a spring cleaning can result in a more comfortable and organized living space. This year, make your spring cleaning a breeze. Try these tips that will make the task easier and faster.

Mind the Gaps

Crumbs and bits of stuff work their way into the smallest spaces. If you have a gap between your stove and the counter, you know how quickly it can collect crumbs. In fact, you can avoid having to clean this spot over and over. First, scrape out or vacuum the crumbs from this area. Then, put a gap cover into the crack to prevent future crumbs from working their way down.

Keep, Donate, Toss

Whenever you tackle a cluttered area, ask yourself if you will keep, donate, or toss an item. Using this sorting strategy is especially important for your storage areas. For instance, if you never go through your closet, it will fill up. Then, you might move to another closet and accumulate more. In addition, sorting into keep, donate, or toss piles helps you see all of your things and avoid overbuying.

Wipe the Walls

Many people deep clean the rooms in their homes from top to bottom but neglect one key detail. Your walls can collect fingerprints, smudges, and dust over time. And because the dirt can happen slowly, you might not see it clearly. So include wiping down your walls in your deep cleaning routine. Fortunately, it’s easy. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe them clean.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Carpets and upholstery can hold odors. Even if you air out the rooms by opening the windows, they can still smell less than fresh. However, there’s a household item you probably have that can freshen your carpets. Sprinkle baking soda over your carpet, and gently work it in with a carpet brush. In fact, it can help remove odors in only 30 minutes.

A Fridge Deep Clean

It seems like no matter how careful you are, spills magically happen in the fridge. Over time, the shelves get sticky and smudged. In addition, somehow, things end up in the back of the fridge, forgotten. Go shelf by shelf through the refrigerator to remove old items. Remove the shelves and drawer bins to wash them with soap and water. After that, you can organize the fridge.

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Hard Water Build Up

If you have hard water, you might notice your shower heads and sink faucets develop a crust over time. In fact, the minerals can clog up the small openings. Mix an equal amount of water and vinegar inside a plastic bag to loosen and remove that buildup. Then, tie the bag over your shower head or use a rubber hand to hold it in place overnight. The minerals will dissolve.

Use these tips to make your spring deep cleaning more effective. You’ll be able to enjoy a refreshed home even sooner!

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