Plan A Space-Themed Fun Day With Your Kids

Little pretends to be an astronaut

Space, the final frontier. Or, the place where gummy bears are launched for your children’s entertainment. Confused? Read on to learn more about The Candy Space and other ways you can build a space-themed day of fun for your kids.

The Candy Space

The Candy Space is a space-themed candy shop here in the Queensbury area with a unique twist on the candy shopping experience. How? Well, for starters, shopping baskets aren’t the go-to packing option. Instead, you and your kids can fill up a miniature rocket with all of their favorite candy. And, that’s not all! After you’ve filled up your rocket with gummy bears, suckers, and sour patch kids, the shop staff will launch it through the store.

The shop is filled with over 1,000 candies. It also has alien plush toys, The Candy Space apparel, and space-based snacks like moon pies.

Make a Space Suit to Shop In

Since you’re headed for The Candy Space’s mission control center, you might as well dress the part. So, use this guide to help your little one put together an appropriately out-of-this-world outfit and gear. First, follow the instruction to craft a cardboard helmet and jet pack. Then, raid your kid’s closet for anything shiny or sparkly to pair it with. Put it all together for an outer space look. If you want to make it educational, tack on this lesson about why astronauts need special suits in space.

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Turn Your Car into a Space Ship

You can make this experience truly unforgettable by arriving in an actual spaceship. Sort of. Grab some foil and a few stickers to temporarily turn your car’s dashboard into the cockpit of a space shuttle. First, cover your car’s dashboard or the front seats with foil for an outer space vibe and to protect them from damage. Then, apply outer space wall decals that will make it look like your child is zooming through outer space. With the large infotainment options available in most new cars, it won’t be hard for your child to suspend their disbelief.

If you’re in the market for a car that’s easier to transform, come to Della Auto Group and take a peek at the most tech-advanced models on the market.

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