Shop Local At The Glens Falls Farmers’ Market

Farmer holds onions and tomatoes over the counter - sells fresh vegetables

Refill your pantry and stock your fridge with fresh, locally grown vegetables and homemade bread from the Glen Falls Farmers’ Market. And grocery items aren’t all you can get at the Farmer’s Market. Check out some of the amazing goods and services you can find when you shop locally.

Fresh Produce

All the freshly harvested fruits and veggies are probably the first things you envision when you think of visiting the farmer’s market. And you would be right to. At the Glen Falls Market, you’ll find everything from plucked granny-smith apples, to dainty micro-greens or full-grown heads of lettuce. You can plan your next meal with the yellow squash or eggplants you’ll find this spring. Plus, sweeten up your favorite bread with maple syrup, honey, or jam. All produce is harvested and sold by local farmers that you can speak to about their growing and harvesting practices to make sure they align with your lifestyle.

Free-Range, Organic, and Grass-Fed

The vendors at the Glen Falls Farmers’ Market include some producers of the best poultry, pork, and beef products you can find in the area, such as the Fresh Take Farm, which allows all of their ducks and chicken to roam free across fresh pastures. Their heritage pigs are also free-range and are fed veggies, grasses, roots, and locally grown grains. You can find fine cuts of the meat from Gifford Farms. Farm fresh dairy, eggs, and homemade cheese are also available throughout the market.

Homemade Baked Goods

If you’re a fan of soft loaves of butter top bread,  sweet zucchini bread, or nutritious multigrain bread, you’ll love perusing the tables at the market. Beyond just loaves of bread, you’re likely to come across some of the most flavorful bagels and indulgent desserts like fudge brownies, cakes, and cookies. You’ll even see some sweet treats for your pets to try.

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Local Craftsmanship

There is more than just food at the market too. Vendors like Adirondack Aromatherapy can supply you with all of the essential oil, absolutes, and resins you need. Artists such as the team at Adirondack Pottery create art and décor to beautify your home. You can even find unique services like Mister Edge Sharpening that will sharpen your knives or tools.

If you’re a vendor or a regular shopper at the Glen Falls Farmers’ Market, visit us at Della Automotive Group. We’ll help you find a vehicle with the right amount of cargo space to carry all of your fresh produce.

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