Scenic Routes To Take Near Lake George

Lake George, nicknamed the Queen of American Lakes, is a long, narrow oligotrophic lake located at the southeast base of the Adirondack Mountains

There is something transcendent about taking a drive in the crisp autumn season, especially in places like Lake George in New York. With the cooler temperatures and the seasons changing, the vista changes from vivid greens to vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows in a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors. The view is even more spectacular around Lake George as the water mirrors the surrounding landscape, creating a dazzling display. If you truly would like to enjoy the scenery around Lake George this fall, then here are five routes to take where you can immerse your senses in the beauty of autumn as you cruise down the winding roads.

Route 9N

If you are traveling on the west side of Lake George, then Route 9N is the optimal route to take. Not only does this drive take you around that side of the lake, but you can also venture into Lake George Village from Route 9N. The views along this route are truly breathtaking. Be sure to take plenty of stops along the way to gaze at the charming cabins, the stunning mansions, and majestic mountains. The best place to view the beautiful area is the Sabbath Day Point Overlook.

Prospect Mountain

While you can hike Prospect Mountain, you can also enjoy the views from the top without breaking a sweat by driving up to the mountain. You will certainly be blessed with amazing views at Prospect Mountain, while in your vehicle. You can also enjoy the drive down Prospect Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway which is customarily open through Veterans Day.

Bolton Landing

Bolton Landing also offers splendid views with its neighborhoods filled with historic mansions. These homes set against the fall background are lovely as you drive through Bolton Landing. You and your driving companions can stop in the town to stretch your legs and explore the quaint shops. You can find a nice restaurant to enjoy a late lunch, all the while admiring the views of Lake George in the backdrop.

Top Of The World

No, you will not literally be taken a drive on top of the world, but the views from Top of the World Golf Resort may feel like that is where you are. The resort is on French Mountain. At the golf resort, you can delight in the view of Lake George as well as the mountains covered in fall foliage that surrounds the lake. You will be coming from the east of the lake on Route 9L. After you have taken in the sights from the Top of the World Golf Resort, you may want to enjoy a bite at Bistro LeRoux.

Route 149

If you are leaving Lake George Village and heading south on Route 9, then you may want to take a turn onto Route 149. An ideal location to drive by is the Lake George RV Park towards Fort Ann, but the whole drive from Warren County turning into Washington County is a sight to behold during the season as the foliage is truly stunning. If you need a break, you could check out Walker’s Farm, Home & Tack store.

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Take a Scenic Drive in a New Car

Taking any of these routes this fall will be peaceful and serene. Of course, you can enjoy the journey more if you are in a vehicle that you can rely on. Stop by any of the dealerships that are a part of the Della Auto Group. Our sales staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They will help you get into a vehicle you love so you can drive confidently in the daily commute or on weekend adventures when you cruise down any of these routes to appreciate the natural wonders of the season.

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