Refresh Your Wardrobe For Summertime

Attractive young woman is choosing clothes in light room. Girl in wardrobe.

Every summer, you pull the same clothes out of your closet and drawers. You’d like to buy some new items. However, you feel restricted by your budget. The good news is that you can refresh your summer wardrobe without spending a lot of money. To create a new look this year, consider the following these tips to transform your old and outdated summer wardrobe.

Step One – Stick to a Budget

It’s okay to buy something special occasionally. However, work hard to stick to a budget as you refresh your summer wardrobe. Just because the word “refresh” sounds expensive doesn’t mean it is. You can find quality brands simply by knowing where and how to look for them.

First, watch for both online and in-store sales. Second, use promotional codes that you can find online whenever possible. Third, check out consignment shops. Typically, these stores sell quality used items, but sometimes, an individual will bring in new summer clothes. Fourth, don’t shy away from discount retail stores. Although you might want to refresh your summer wardrobe with only brand names, that’s not realistic. Moreover, the top discount stores now sell brand names, as well as quality lesser-known name clothing items.

Step Two – Wants Versus Needs

As you go through your closet and dresser drawers, you’ll see what’s missing. In other words, you might realize that you don’t have a single white tank top, which goes with everything. However, you might convince yourself that you need that same top in six different colors.

This is when you need to use discipline for wants versus needs. There’s nothing wrong with having shirts in several colors or splurging on a want from time to time. Even so, that could lead to a mess. Not only would you spend money unnecessarily, but you would also end up with items you probably won’t wear.

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Step Three – Divide Your Wardrobe

Having winter and summer clothes packed into the same closet makes it look as though you have an expansive wardrobe. However, once you separate the two, you’ll realize that’s not the case.

Instead of buying new items and adding to what’s already there, spend some time working on your closet and drawers. The goal is to store all your heavy winter pieces while keeping light summer items out. However, here’s a helpful tip.

It’s relatively common for certain parts of the country to experience cool temperatures in the middle of summer. As you sort through your closet, keep that in mind. You’ll want to leave a couple of long-sleeved shirts and perhaps a light jacket in your closet, just in case.

In addition, while dividing your wardrobe, consider anything that you no longer wear or want. If it’s still in good condition, you could either sell it or donate it.

You may even come across something that you like but it’s outdated. It won’t hurt to hang onto it for a while. After all, clothes go in and out of style frequently and quickly.

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