Plan An Adventure At The Lake George Escape Room

Group of friends trying to find solution of quest in escape room with antique furniture

Looking for something fun and adventurous to do this week. Schedule a breakout experience at Lake George Escape Room. The Lake George Escape Room allows you to experience the rush of being trapped in a room. You work as a pair or as a team to solve the mysteries of the room and escape.

Escape in 60 Minutes

Race the clock to solve puzzles, find clues, and reach your goal before the time runs out. There are six 60-minute experiences that you can choose from. They range in difficulty and subject matter from easy kid-friendly adventures to advanced puzzles for adults. If you’re planning a family fun night and you have very young children, The Curse of the Evil Genie may be a good choice for you. In this adventure, you and your family will race to escape the clutches of an evil genie that has trapped your souls in its lamp. If you’re out with a large friend group or have older, teenage children, you may want to try one of the advanced games. You can work as a team of detectives to solve a crime. Test your seafaring knowledge as you try to escape from pirates. Or, rescue important data from a radioactive blackhole as astronauts.

Fast-Paced Race for Your Life

If you don’t have time for a full 60-minute session, opt for one of the adrenaline-fueled 15-minute games instead. There are two options and each will get your heart pumping. You and two to four friends can speed through a mine-shaft as you search for dynamite to blast your way to freedom. Or, fight your way out of a medieval dungeon. But, if you can’t decide which one to try, remember they are just 15-minutes each. You can book them both.

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Escape Online

If going out isn’t in the plans for you, you can still enjoy the Lake George Escape Room experience. Just book a virtual escape room instead. The virtual escape rooms are hosted by a game master and set in a real room just like an in-person room. The differences are in the fact that you and your friends, family, or co-workers can participate in the game from the comfort of your home or your desk at work. It’s a great team-building exercise for corporate teams and a fun group experience for long-distance friends and family.

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