Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Activities

Heart-shaped waffles

At the thought of Valentine’s Day, most think about romance, flowers, chocolates, and overpriced dinner dates. Often, we simply forget the entire idea of the holiday, which is love. Whether you are in a committed relationship, have been married for 20 years, or you feel as single as a Pringle, we all have someone special to love in our lives. That could be a friend, puppy, grandmother, a fellow neighbor, or of course, your kids. That’s right, your kiddos want to feel special on the day of love, not just your spouse or partner. Show your children how much you care for them with these kid-friendly Valentine’s Day activities. After all, who says you can’t spend February 14 as a family?

The Most Important Meal of the Day

Every holiday calls for an extensive, hot breakfast. Start the day with the most important meal of the day but Valentine’s Day style. Serve pancakes or waffles cut into a heart shape, pink strawberry milk to drink, and plenty of red berries. Just about anything red or pink is up for grabs that morning. And hey – it’s a holiday! Let the kiddos have a piece of candy or two after they gobble up their breakfast.

Write Love Letters

Showing a child how to express their emotions at a young age is important, so be sure to give them the opportunity to sit down and write a love letter. This doesn’t have to be sappy or romantic. They’re just kids! It can be an appreciation note for their teacher, a sweet note to Grandma, or a list of things that they love about mommy and daddy. That’s a great keepsake!

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Have a Love-Themed Movie Night

There are plenty of kid-appropriate movies about love out there. After dinner, have a family night in the living room with popcorn, Valentine’s Day candy, and the family’s favorite Rom-Com. Cuddle up together on the couch under blankets, start the fireplace if it’s chilly out, and even try this delicious and festive Pink Popcorn recipe. Now, that’s a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day!

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