Keep Pests Off Your Lawn

Keep Pests Off Your Lawn

Most people in Queensbury, New York, look forward to the summertime for many reasons. This is a season when you can get outdoors and enjoy the excellent weather. You can have fantastic backyard barbecues, picnics in the parks, and spend time in your yard with family or friends. Unfortunately, you may encounter problems on your grass this summer. For instance, this is when pests love to start staking claim on your lawn. The good news is there are precautions you can take and defenses you can mount to prevent this from happening. Annoying insects and other critters can leave you alone this summer when you follow these tips from the National Geographic.

Guarding the Garden

One of the first places pests will go is to your garden. This makes sense, as there are plenty of food sources here, especially if you have certain plants and flowers. Moreover, it will not be just insects and small bugs that come here. For example, larger pests such as rodents and even deer will feed in your garden if you are not careful. As for larger animals, putting fencing and other barriers around your garden can ward off pests. For the small invaders, try pest repellent. You can purchase products in the store. Or, you can try some do-it-yourself at-home concoctions to chase bugs away.

Some Flowers Might Offer Help

When you plant vegetables this spring and summer, you will want to keep a close eye on them. Pests like them almost as much as you do. Some flowers could help keep these pests from eating your vegetables, such as tomatoes. For instance, many avid gardeners like to plant brightly colored flowers near vegetables. In particular, marigolds are a popular choice for enticing flies to go elsewhere.

Watch the Patio

A backyard patio is a pleasant place to relax in the summer. Unfortunately, it can also be a haven for mosquitoes. And when it comes to summertime pests, mosquitoes are high on the list of ones you want to avoid. Importantly, there are ways to minimize their presence in your yard and around the patio. Firstly, place a fan in the area. This can blow the mosquitoes away. Secondly, natural repellents, such as the oil of lemon eucalyptus, can be effective.

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Protect the Young Plants

If you have just planted flowers and other plants, then you need to pay special attention to them. For example, the smallest of pests, aphids, love to feed on seedlings. You can simply knock off the aphids by flicking them with your finger. Or, you can spray them with soap.

This summer, you can keep your lawn and garden looking great. Instead of contending with an infestation of pests, you can have thriving grass and plants this season. Follow these tips and implement them in your own yard. You will like the results.

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