How To Have Fun With Your Friends This Fall

Cropped photo of three females best friends sitting around bonfire in casual clothes warming up and communicating, holding mugs with hot drinks, happy to be together outside in cold autumn evening

There is something special about the fall season. While summer break may be over and people start going back to a normal routine, you also get a respite from the heat and humidity. Everyone is also in high spirits as they prepare for the holiday season. You do not have to wait for the holidays, though, to have a fabulous and memorable autumn with your friends. There are so many things you can do. In fact, Real Simple offers several suggestions that you and your friends aught to try this fall.

Tailgate Together

Many associate the autumn season with football. If you and your friends enjoy watching football, you should all tailgate together. You and your friends may potentially have different teams that you pull for, especially if you grew up in different states. Even if you do pull for the same team that is in-state, those college campuses can be a bit of a drive from your city. Make plans with your friends to tailgate at your local football game for one of the smaller colleges near your city. You and your friends are sure to have just as much fun grilling out, playing games like cornhole, and cheering on your local college football team.

Football Party

Speaking of football, you can also simply host a football part at your house one Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Gather your friends to watch the big game. Everyone is bound to get hungry, so make sure there is good food to eat while watching the game. Real Simple suggests a big pot of chili. You can make things even more interesting by making it a chili cook off. People can bring a crockpot of their best chili to serve during the game. All of your friends can vote as to whose they think is the best.

Host a Potluck

There is some awesome dishes to eat around the fall season. You want a bite of all your favorite stews, casseroles, and more. How? Host a potluck where everyone from your friend group brings a different fall dish. While many friend groups host Friendsgiving dinner for Thanksgiving, you do not have to wait for late November to have a potluck this season. Invite all of your friends over one weekend night and get cooking!

Have a Bonfire

As temperatures drop with the fall season, you and your friends will want to make the most of the cool weather by building a bonfire one fall evening. You can even take turns as to who is hosting the bonfire in their backyard. While you are having your bonfire, you can listen to great music as well as roast marshmallows for s’mores!

Take a Bike Ride

If you and your friends love the outdoors, then why not go on a group bike ride around your city or a nearby trail. The fall season is perfect for a bike ride as the temperatures are relatively cool. You can also enjoy the changing colors of the leaves as you ride on your bikes around Queensbury.

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Road Trip

You and your friends are adults, so take the fun on the road — literally. Discuss amongst your friends what city you would like to visit for a three to four day trip. Caravan and rent either a cabin, beach house, or some other rental for the weekend. Explore the city with your friends this fall making wonderful memories. If you need a reliable vehicle to get you and friends where you need to go for your road trip, then you should visit one of the dealerships with the Della Auto Group. Our auto group has a handsome selection of vehicles from a number of reputable auto brands.

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