Enjoy These Hearty Soups This Winter

Preparing Chicken Noodles Soup with Fresh Vegetables

Preparing Chicken Noodles Soup with Fresh Vegetables

With winter in full swing, there are lots of ways to stay warm. When it comes to food, a warm, hearty soup recipe is the best choice to stay warm while you’re inside. These yummy recipes will nourish your body and keep your immune system strong during the cold and flu months and can all be made in 30 minutes or less.

Grandma’s Minestrone Soup

This tasty recipe is filled with lots of vegetables, including hearty cabbage and vitamin-packed borlotti beans. For a thicker stew consistency, you just have to add a little water or stock. This soup is particularly popular in Italy where it is served at room temperature in the summertime, which is just as enjoyable. Fresh basil is the perfect topping.

Black Bean and Winter Squash Soup

This winter soup scored a rating of 4.03 out of five for its spicy and comforting flavors. This soup will be all you need on a cold winter day to warm right back up. Black bean and winter squash soup provide a vitamin, mineral, and fiber rich meal. The high protein content will also leave you fuller for longer.

Brown Lentil and Rice Soup

Lentils and rice are a classic pair that make an easy and hearty soup. Lentils are packed with protein and are vegan and vegetarian friendly. Lentils are perfect for when you are on a time crunch because they cook quickly and hold shape well. This recipe also pairs well with a crunchy salad with miso dressing on top.

Arborio Rice and Vegetable Soup

Arborio rice and veggie soup are very similar to an unstirred risotto. Feeling under the weather is common in the wintertime, but this soup is soothing especially if your diet has been bland. If the thick consistency isn’t for you, don’t worry, all you need to do is add some hot broth when you add in the vegetables and your set.

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Chicken Chorizo Soup

Last by definitely not least is this wonderful chicken chorizo soup. This soup is great for anyone who likes a little spice to wake up the sinuses. Chicken chorizo sausage is a flavorful addition that will leave your taste buds wanting more. With an exotic Spanish undertone, this recipe will warm you up this winter.

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