Go Green At Birch Bark Eatery

young man eating a healthy lunch

Looking for a new spot to grab a bite to eat that has vegan and vegetarian meals? Birch Bark Eatery is an all-vegan restaurant that opened in 2018. The owner, Tania Sharlow, is an environmentally conscious vegetarian who opened her vegan eatery in an attempt to stop supporting the factory farming industry. In addition, Birch Bark Eatery gives people in the community the ability to put their money in a more ethical place and grab a nutritious meal.

Birch Bark Eatery is located in downtown Glens Falls and is open Thursday through Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Birch Barks’ goal is to provide guests with unique and compassionate dining experiences.


Whether you want to stop in to grab a bite, place an online order, or have catering needs, Birch Bark Eatery’s has options for everyone. Birch Bark puts a vegan twist on American Classics so that you can still enjoy all of the amazing foods you love. The eatery has burgers, sandwiches, salads, pizza, mac and cheese, a selection of appetizers, and breakfast served all day.

If you’re looking for a coffee on your drive to work, Birch Bark Eatery has that too. Grab a latte, cold brew, or tea to-go. Homemade lemonade is also a tasty choice. As far as appetizers go, Birch Bark has cauliflower wings, avocado fries, fried pickles, and lots of other great shareables. Almost every item on their menu can also be made gluten-free by request.

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Aside from the main menu, Birch Bark Eatery has a separate menu just for their donuts! There are a multitude of varieties each day. Each month has a donut calendar with a donut of the month. The regulars that Birch Bark always has are Boston crème, chocolate ganache, strawberry frosted, vanilla bean, Cinna-bun, cinnamon sugar, and maple glazed. Aside from these core flavors, Birch Bark Eatery has additional flavors that change daily. Stop in and see what fun flavors await you in the donut case.

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