Get Ready for the First Day of Fall

Emotional lifestyle portrait of adorable cheerful 4 years old baby girl in colorful clothes playing with dry fallen autumn leaves in golden park at sunset with beautiful sunbeams falling through trees

The first day of fall is fast approaching, and soon the weather in Queensbury, NY, will turn cooler. This year, the first day of fall is Sept. 22, which is a Thursday. Many people love celebrating the turning of the seasons and marking the day with something special. If you are looking for great ideas to help you get ready for the first day of fall, then you’ll love these simple activities.

Take a Hike

Nothing gets you into the spirit of fall like a hike in the great outdoors. You can keep it simple by touring your neighborhood or town. Or, get away and enjoy nature’s autumn beauty on display. Of course, you’ll want to prepare for your hike by checking the weather before you go. Fall weather can change quickly, so layers are essential. And don’t forget to bring water and snacks if you plan a longer walk.

Pretty Pumpkins

No law says you have to wait until Halloween to start your love affair with pumpkins. In fact, the first day of fall is a great time to celebrate this favorite fall gourd. You can bake a pie, roast some seeds, or even try a yummy pumpkin chili. In addition, you can decorate your front porch or even carve a few pumpkins. Use a bleach water solution to rinse the inside to keep it from molding too quickly.

Orchards and Farms

As the seasons change, many fruits ripen and are ready for picking. Often, farms and orchards invite people to grab a few baskets for a small fee. And, of course, gathering fresh apples and berries from trees and bushes will give you the best-tasting fruit. Then, you can preserve what you don’t eat right away to get that perfect fall flavor months later.

Festivals and Fairs

So many communities gather together as summer ends and fall begins. It’s a great time for fairs and festivals since the weather often isn’t as hot, but it also hasn’t turned frosty. In fact, Queensbury will host the Adirondack Balloon Festival beginning on the first day of fall, Sept. 22. In addition, several other festivals this fall are perfect ways to enjoy the season.

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Take a Drive

Visitors flock to the pageant of the changing leaves every year for a good reason: it’s beautiful. You can also take a short tour to see the brilliant colors and watch the season unfold. Try packing a picnic and driving a little off your beaten track to a park. Then, you can enjoy the view of the drive and explore the seasonal beauty at a new park.

It’s always nice to mark the changing seasons and celebrate the first day of fall. It is easy to keep going with daily life and miss things. But sometimes, slowing down a bit to enjoy nature can be healing for the soul. Whether you pick one thing or several, prepare for the first fall day with a special activity.


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