Don’t Miss The Lake George Art & Craft Fest

Small girl playing with colors

Looking for something fun, unique, and enriching to do with your little one this weekend? You’re in luck! Lake George, New York, is brimming with family-friendly events and activities, one of which is the much-anticipated Lake George Arts & Craft Fest. This event promises a weekend full of live entertainment, craft beverages, fresh farm food, and, most importantly, a display of awe-inspiring art and craft from over 100 local artisans.

Lake George Arts & Craft Fest Activities

Situated at the Festival Commons, the Lake George Arts & Craft Fest ensures an immersive experience, regardless of the weather. With various activities that cater to both adults and children, you’ll find everything from basket weaving to painting, wood carving, and an array of kid-friendly crafts.

Art vendors such as Lake George Arts Project, Tiny Pebbles Design, C Springer Art, Lori Landau Fine Art Photography, and Lakefall Arts, amongst others, display their finest works, providing an exciting opportunity for you to browse and purchase unique items. But the fun doesn’t stop at the crafts. After you’ve worked up an appetite exploring the art & craft vendors, it’s time to turn your attention to the mouth-watering selection of festival food.

Lake George Arts & Craft Fest Food

The food vendors at the Arts & Craft Fest offer a range of delicious options to please every palate. Stop by Upstate Coffee for your caffeine fix. You can taste the exotic Flavors of Lebanon, bite into delectable Mac & Cheese from The Mac Factor, or treat your sweet tooth with Donuts Schmonuts. Food trucks like Sarita’s and the Kaleidoscope Cafe, alongside Green Mountain Concessions, add to the impressive lineup, ensuring you won’t leave the festival on an empty stomach.

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Why Arts & Crafts Are Important for You and Your Kids

Beyond the thrill and excitement of exploring local creativity, arts and crafts hold significant benefits for both you and your children.  Here are just four reasons visiting the Lake George Arts & Craft Fest is great for more than just a day of fun.

  1. Crafting is a stress reliever. Arts and crafts are stress-relieving hobbies, providing a therapeutic break from routine life.
  2. Crafting boosts confidence. For children, the process of creating something beautiful boosts confidence. They get a sense of achievement by finishing a project, which can translate into greater self-assurance in other aspects of life.
  3. Arts and crafts also help refine fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in kids, an essential aspect of their physical development.
  4. Art creates an avenue for self-expression. Arts & crafts provide a platform for children (and adults alike) to express themselves, fostering a sense of innovation and creative thinking.

The Lake George Art & Craft Fest is more than just a fun day out. It’s a chance to engage with local artists, satisfy your food cravings, and participate in enriching activities. So, if you’re looking for things to do in Lake George, make sure this family-friendly event is on your list. You won’t be disappointed!

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