Banish Fruit Flies With These Tips

Blue Fly Swatter Is Going To Squash An Insect

There’s never a bad time to enjoy delicious, refreshing fruit. But summer in Queensbury, NY, is particularly good for adding fruit to your picnic or barbecue — or simply as a snack. In addition, in-season fruit tastes wonderful during this time of year. Of course, where there’s fruit, there are often fruit files. These pests can be annoying and even spoil your fruit and your desire to eat it. However, with a few steps, you can get rid of these unwanted guests and keep fruit out in your kitchen without worrying about them.

Keep a Clean Kitchen

The best way to get rid of fruit flies is not to invite them in the first place. To begin with, a clean kitchen will go a long way toward discouraging their arrival. Tidy up areas where you keep food as well as where you dispose of it. For example, keep your garbage outside in a sealed container. Throw scraps in a compost bag. Also, make sure your sinks are clean and that you thoroughly flush out the drains. If you keep out fruits such as apples, bananas, and oranges, cover them or move them to cooler spots in the kitchen.

Trap Them

Despite your best efforts, fruit flies might still appear in your kitchen. Moreover, you may continue to spot them on and around your fruit. Don’t get discouraged as there are ways you can trap and kill them. Fruit flies love fermented fruit. A good way to trick them and trap them is to mix some dish soap with wine, vinegar, or beer. Firstly, pour water into the mixture until you see it bubble. Secondly, leave the container on the counter where fruit flies typically gather. The mixture will attract the flies due to the fruit sugar. However, they’ll become trapped in the soap bubbles.

Furthermore, another approach is to put plastic wrap over the top of a beer bottle or glass of vinegar. Next, poke some holes in the plastic. The bottles will attract the flies. They will be able to get inside but not out.

Still, another method is to find a trap specially made for fruit flies. You can purchase these at home improvement stores. You can also use a homemade spray to get rid of the flies. For instance, mixing isopropyl alcohol with water makes a killing combination.

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Be Patient

If you aren’t having success with any prevention or trapping method, don’t panic. With some patience, the flies shouldn’t be a problem any longer. Bear in mind that they only live for two weeks. As temperatures cool down, the flies should disappear.

In conclusion, no one likes fruit flies hanging around the kitchen. Fortunately, you can ward them off and banish them with these tactics.

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